10 Best WAX NFT Games in 2024

10 Best WAX NFT Games in 2024

As NFT games continue to rise in popularity, WAX has become the go-to blockchain for many gaming platforms. WAX games do not require a separate graphics card or burn a hole in your pocket due to hefty transaction fees. For this reason, top games on WAX, such as Alien Worlds and MiningNetwork, are climbing the charts in terms of the number of players. If you are wondering what are the best WAX NFT games you can play in 2022, then this ultimate WAX games list is for you.

But before that—what exactly is the WAX blockchain? More importantly, why are games on WAX? Let’s find out.

What is WAX?

Worldwide Asset eXchange or WAX is one of the leading blockchains in the market that promises to make transactions faster, easier, safer, and cheaper. It has developed a range of blockchain-based tools to support dApps likes games, marketplaces, exchanges, and NFTs. More specifically, the blockchain focuses on video gaming and digital collectibles. It was founded by crypto veterans William Quigley and Jonathan Yantis in 2017.

“WAX was purposefully built to be the most complete, climate-friendly NFT ecosystem in the industry for leading brands, artists, creators, and developers looking to leverage the power of the blockchain,” the network notes on its website. Leading brands such as Topps, Capcom, Atari, Funko, Lionsgate, and more have turned to WAX to launch their products. 

Why are Games on the WAX blockchain?

For blockchain games, speed and high scalability, that too at low costs, is extremely important. In other words, the network should be able to support thousands of transactions per second, without it affecting the gameplay. This is what makes the WAX blockchain a great choice for NFT games.

The WAX blockchain offers zero gas fees, faster transaction speeds, and high scalability. To put things into perspective, when blockchains like Ethereum handle around 30 transactions per second, for WAX, that number is at 8,000! This is the primary reason why some of the leading NFT games launch on WAX. Besides, the network is carbon-neutral and roughly uses the same energy as a traditional game server to complete transactions.  

The Ultimate List of Top Wax Games

Now that we have covered the basics of the WAX blockchain, here are the ten best WAX NFT games:

1. Alien Worlds – The best WAX NFT game

An NFT DeFi metaverse game based on WAX as well as Ethereum and BSC, Alien Worlds is a play-to-earn, free-to-play browser game. It is one of the fastest-growing NFT games and is currently the top WAX game with the highest user base of nearly 566,000 in the last 30 days. Alien Worlds’ gameplay is quite simple—players have to navigate the metaverse featuring seven planets and mine the native token, Trilium (TLM). Needless to say, from land to tools and avatars, everything is an NFT that the players can buy, sell, and trade. 

Alien Worlds poster

Alien Worlds is one of the top games on WAX.

2. Mining Network

Although a relatively new game in the space, Mining Network has been attracting a record number of players and has become one of the best WAX NFT games in a short time. Essentially, Mining Network is a free-to-play, play-to-earn mining game. Here, players have to use mining equipment to obtain Shares, the game resource. They can then convert the Shares into the game’s native token. 

Mining Network WAX NFT game homepage

Mining Network quickly became a favorite among WAX NFT game enthusiasts.

Actually, the gameplay resembles the mining process followed by cryptocurrency miners. Each player gets a free NFT to start playing and earning with pretty much no investments, making the game quite attractive to users. 

3. Wombat Dungeon Master

Available on both the WAX and EOS blockchains, Wombat Dungeon Master is a staking game. In the game, players take the role of ‘dungeon masters’ dressed as Wombats. The players have to hide NFT loots in dungeons and then send wombats on quests to find them. The higher the mining power of the hidden treasures, the higher the points the wombats score. At the end of each season, the players get crypto rewards.

Wombat Dungeon Master WAX NFT game

Get your wombats to find hidden NFT loots!

4. Prospectors

A massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game, Prospectors is one of the top games on WAX. Prospectors is a VR game that operates on a completely user-generated economy. The strategy game offers players three characters (or workers) to mine gold and build worlds. What’s interesting about the game is that it follows the real economic model wherein players have access to resources, land, and tools, and pay taxes to the State. In essence, the gaming economy depends on supply and demand. 

Prospectors poster

Mine gold and build worlds in Prospectors.

5. Taco

Taco is a multi-purpose NFT and FT-based WAX project that focuses on gaming and utility. On the gaming front, Taco Universe serves as a gaming metaverse that offers a range of NFT-based games from different genres. It also serves as a virtual world where gamers, developers, artists, and collectors can build together. 

This universe has two primary tokens: TACO and SHING. Within the universe, players have to collect Ingredients, Extractors, and Venues (all NFTs) to generate SHING tokens. SHING is the main in-game currency and can be directly converted to TACO, the main token. 

Taco Universe

Taco Universe is a gaming metaverse with several NFT games on WAX.

6. R-Planet

R-Planet is a real-time military strategy NFT game on WAX. Set in space, the R-Planet story focuses on intelligent beings on a quest to find a new home. In the game, players have to stake NFTs, mine AETHER, and use it to create new elements, which can be sold or staked for more AETHER. In addition, players can build bases on new planets, construct robots, and get them to battle others for land and resources. They can expand their base and eventually create new bases and capture others’ bases.

R-Planet base set in space

R-Planet is a space adventure, military strategy NFT game on WAX.

7. Blockchain Brawlers

Another top WAX NFT game to play this year is Blockchain Brawlers, featuring a hilarious and entertaining set of NFTs. Launched in February 2022, Blockchain Brawlers is an NFT collection and play-to-earn game where players use a Brawler NFT and a ring NFT to wrestle others. What’s more, each Founders Edition Brawler NFT comes with a PFP and full body shot that players can use as avatars on social media. Also, the winners get rewards in the form of BRWL, the game’s native token. Those who win matches also get a chance to receive additional NFTs as prizes. 

Blockchain Brawlers wax nft game wrestlers lined up

Blockchain Brawlers is an entertaining WAX NFT game!

8. Million on Mars

In Million on Mars, players have to scavenge resources on Mars, develop land, build rovers, plant crops, make trades, and several other things. A play-to-own city-building MMO game, Million on Mars offers a realistic interface with a player-owned economy. Besides, the game has two tokens—Dusk and Glitter. While the former is the game’s utility token, the latter is yet to launch. Interestingly, there’s also a job market where players can do jobs for other players such as electrical works, chemistry, machining, or fabrication. In return, they get paid in Dusk. 

Million on Mars game's Mars planet

Get ready to scavenge resources on Mars!

9. TokenLands

TokenLands is an economic P2E simulator of a colonized new world. In the game, players have to fight for wealth and power using NFT military cards representing infrastructure facilities, land plots, Avatars, Avatars Level-up, resources, and more. Now, the TokenLands world features five continents divided into NFT sectors. Players can earn passive income by activating their sector cards, staking cards, and doing various works, among others. Players can earn the game’s internal currency, called T-coin.


TokenLands has a futuristic art style.

10. Dragons Valley

Last on the list of the best WAX NFT games is Dragons Valley. A play-to-earn game, Dragons Valley is set in the world of Dragons Valley where the Dragons and the Goblins are at war. The gameplay is pretty simple—you have to obtain the dragon eggs, hatch them into dragons using nests, and finally, train and evolve your dragons to fight the goblins. To make things more interesting, after each battle, the game rewards players with tokens and valuable NFTs.

Dragons Valley NFT game cards

Collect your dragons and battle goblins!

All things considered, NFT games have become a means for people to have fun gaming and at the same time own unique NFTs and earn a passive income. While the above list mentions only the ten best WAX NFT games, there are plenty more that you can play today. After all, there is an ever-expanding gaming ecosystem on the WAX blockchain. However, as always, make sure to do your own research before making any investments.

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