10KTF Shop Gets An Online Physical Merch and Goods Store

Image of the 10KTF store

10KTF, the innovative shop for 1:1 NFT digital art accessories, now has a physical merchandise and goods store. The new physical shop aims to celebrate the first anniversary of the unique and mysterious NFT store. Some incredible items are available in the store, including its Crafted Comfy 1:1 Hoodies. Collectors of 10KTF-supported PFPs can now register for the airdrop – of an ERC-155 NFT. This NFT is redeemable for a 1:1 physical hoodie customized with the holders PFP.

Image of the 10KTF store

10KTF now has a physical merchandise store!

What is 10KTF?

Created by Wenew Labs and its incredible team – which includes Beeple – 10KTF is a leading digital accessory web3 company. The store has fantastical elements and resides in the New Tokyo Metaverse. Furthermore, the shopowner is an enigmatic and mysterious character, called Wagmi-San.

Known for incredible visuals, storytelling, and colossal brand partnerships, with companies such as Gucci and Puma, 10KTF has created a storytelling web3 world stretching the boundaries of NFTs.

“For the first time, our dynamic art NFT and physical Kagami will allow collectors to acquire the artwork of 10KTF in both digital and physical forms,” said Michael Figge, CEO, and co-founder of Wenew Labs.

Physical merchandise and goods are now available in the store

Currently, to get your hands on a physical 10KTF piece of merchandise, you need to receive an NFT via an airdrop. Select collectors of 10KTF-supported PFPs can register for the airdrop.

Holders can then redeem this for the 1:1 physical hoodie. Significantly, NFT holders can choose from over 17 significant NFT collections when customizing merchandise.

Of course, you will need to own the individual NFT relating to the piece. Checks will take place when connecting your NFT wallet to redeem the NFT.

A general sale will also begin next week, allowing others to collect physical 10KTF merchandise. These are available for $250, equivalent to $APE.

Along with the hoodies, 10KTF has also recently announced Kagami – a dynamic art NFT with a cool physical collectible.

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