5 Best AR Games In 2022

The blockchain gaming industry has come a long way. Within the industry, Augmented Reality (AR) games are becoming increasingly popular. Imagine immersing yourself in the gaming universe, blurring the lines between the real world and the virtual. This is precisely what attracts gamers to AR games. With the integration of blockchain technology, many of these games now offer NFTs, crypto, and more.

In this guide, we’ll take a look at what are blockchain-based AR games and what are the best AR games you can play in 2022.

An AR game featuring a Wizard casting a spell

This guide will take you through the best AR games you can play today! Credit: Wizardia

What are Blockchain AR Games?

Put simply, AR games are games that incorporate AR technology. To explain, AR games create an immersive gaming experience by integrating the game’s visual and audio with the player’s environment in real-time. For this reason, many have even pegged AR gaming as the next frontier of gaming.

AR games began trending a couple of years ago with the launch of mobile games such as Pokémon GO. Now, with the addition of blockchain elements, AR games have become all the more attractive. Players can truly own, buy, and sell in-game items and even earn while playing.

What are the 5 Best AR Games In 2022?

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at the best five AR Games you can play today:


Realm is an immersive, play-to-earn metaverse that allows players to express their artistic side in the virtual world. Essentially, Realm is a community-driven, cross-chain project that enables users to create a personalised NFT microverse. They can customise their microverse as they please by adding art, music, and games, and then present them in AR. Moreover, you can play games and collect rare NFTs, explore exhibitions and events, and connect with other players. 

An augmented reality (AR) gaming world

Realm lets players enjoy full creative freedom. Credit: Realm

As is typical with NFT AR games, every asset in Realm is an NFT. Notably, players can mint the NFTs on various chains, including Layer 2 Polygon, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and the Reef Chain. The game also offers its own utility token, $REALM, which is available on PancakeSwap, Uniswap, Bitrue, and LATOKEN.


Wizardia is a play-to-earn fantasy metaverse game set in a post-apocalyptic world. A turn-based battler game, it also offers RPG (role-playing game) elements. In essence, the gameplay involves players acquiring wizards and battling other players in the arena with teams of three wizards. Furthermore, the game offers both PVE and PVP gaming modes.

Three wizards in wizardia

In Wizardia, you can battle other players in teams of three Wizards. Credit: Wizardia

The game also comes with a range of earning opportunities. This includes investing in genesis NFTs, battling in the arena, winning tournament prize pools, and selling or renting Wizard NFTs. Notably, the AR game offers a top-notch art style with a blend of dark fantasy and sci-fi elements. This, in turn, makes the immersive experience all the more exciting!

Polka City

Touted as the world’s first AR NFT multi-chain social platform and video game, Polka City is available on both Ethereum and BSC. Essentially, the game allows players to invest in virtual assets in the form of a virtual city. The NFTs range from ATMs, Bugatti, Hotel, and Car washes, to Vending Machine, and more, which you can use in the game. 

Polka City gaming world

Polka City is a multi-chain AR game. Credit: Polka City

“Polka City will be the driving force in collaboration vs. competition, bringing a diverse and educated community and team,” the project notes on its website. Currently, the game is in Beta and the full version will launch in Q3 2022.

Arcona X-Reality Universe

Arcona claims to be the globe’s first platform to offer AR cloud access worldwide. In fact, it combines the functions of AR, 3D simulation, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology. Through its X-Reality metaverse, it brings together the real and virtual worlds via an AR layer. 

A peer-to-peer network, the metaverse offers a range of digital assets, including digital land. It uses SLAM (Simultaneous Localization and Mapping) to automatically create a global layer of AR across the globe. In other words, it is a virtual version of the earth, with each location linked to a real-life location. 

A woman touching a virtual dinosaur

X-Reality Universe is an AR game like no other! Credit: Arcona

By purchasing a parcel of ​​Digital Land, you get a fully-ready, interactive virtual version of a physical location. For example, by sitting in London, you can get a parcel of land in Times Square, New York and run an interactive event there.


Dogemon is a play-to-earn, walk-to-earn mobile AR game and metaverse. The gameplay is quite simple—you have to locate, capture, train, and battle virtual companions called Dogemons. In that regard, the game is not unlike the popular AR game, Pokémon GO.

Various virtual animals in AR game Dogemon 

You can collect and train companion NFTs in Dogemon. Credit: Dogemon

Besides, you can create your own 3D avatars in the game. You can also own land in the metaverse, become a landlord, and earn while letting others play on your property. Alternatively, similar to STEPN, you can move to earn by being an active player or by walking, jogging, or running. For this, you need to own the metaverse’s Rocketshoe NFTs. 

All things considered, AR gaming is a growing industry and we can expect more games to drop in the near future. That said, each game has its own unique offerings, some better than the other. If you are new to the space, try out a few games to see what works for you. Finally, as always, do your own research before making any investments. 

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