5 reasons why 0n1 Force NFTs are tanking right now

0N1 Force controversy

0N1 Force was once one of the most promising and hyped-up NFT projects. However, a series of unwise decisions led its community members to lose faith and turn against the project.

0N1 Force controversy

Despite its NFTs cool artwork, 0N1 Force is losing its community’s support
Credit: @0N1Force

What’s 0N1 Force?

It’s a project initially set to develop a new generation of cross-platform IP. The project’s main mission was to enable the co-creation of the 0N1VERSE and set up a community that combines narrative and gaming.

The NFT collection comprises 7,777 generative side-profile, lo-fi style characters; with 100 hand-drawn attributes created by IMCMPLX. They embody style, strength and spirit – the three “powers” needed to survive in 0N1 Force’s universe, the Ethereal Enclave. And, of course, they were one of the first anime NFT collections.

The narrative centers around this universe; portrayed as a peaceful kingdom that grants eternal life. However, chaos ensues when the Emperor dies. As a result, the 0N1 Force has only 7,777 hours left and needs to fight for survival.

It is safe to say that this narrative resonated with the target audience of 0N1 Force. As a result, the collection sold out in just five minutes after its launch.

Why is the project failing?

Despite its clear mission of community building, the project seems to be failing. Why? Here are the five main reasons for the collapse of this project – as highlighted by NFT Twitter

The team isn’t valuing their community

According to @KilburnKingNFT: “When voicing my criticisms in the 0N1 discord I was told that we holders ‘are not investors’ in the project and that we were just ‘collectors’ and nothing more. As soon as I heard this, RED FLAGS.” Such actions are extremely damaging – especially since 0N1 Force promoted itself as a community-first project.

Lack of vision

Vision can make or break a project. The team promised NFT holders benefits that can be accessed via the official website and Discord. They promised things such as a collaborative RPG that takes players into the 0N1verse and merchandise. However, it seems the team has not kept its promises. True – the NFT holders did receive some merch, but they did not get much else.

Lack of motivation

According to @KilburnKingNFT: “The team had too much money which got to their heads, reducing their motivation. Wallet was drained with team balling out on parties and cars instead of BUILDING for their INVESTORS (sorry I mean ‘collectors’ (MFs).”

Rug pulling

People on Twitter also accuse the 0N1 Force team of rug pulling. Apparently, insiders were aware of this and are now defending their team instead of holding them accountable.

A bleak future

0N1 Force’s CEO has just resigned. There is therefore no one who can successfully lead the team and pick up the pieces to help the project reach its full potential. Moreover, 0N1 Force has not publicly acknowledged its mistakes, and 0N1 Force NFT holders have lost their confidence in the project they invested in.

0N1 Force has a lot of potential. Its creative lo-fi artwork, the artistic detail of each NFT, its narrative and its invested community can be used to create one of the strongest NFT communities on Web3. However, the 0N1 Force team must seriously respect its community members to avoid an unexpected demise.

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