535 DeGods are Coming to Bitcoin!

Degods are taking over the Bitcoin blockchain. The most popular collection on Solana will release 535 NFTs on the queen of all blockchains.

A screenshot of the DeGods collection.

DeGods is the most popular collection on Solana.

DeGods: A First on the Bitcoin Blockchain

This first-of-its-kind experience will happen this week, possibly on Friday or during the weekend. Collectors will participate in a public mint whose rules are simple: first come, first serve. The DeGods Team recommended that the collectors have a self-custody Bitcoin wallet (an Ordinals wallet) with at least 0.444 BTC on it.

The DeGods team will first mint 500 DeGods. Then, one day later, 34 others will be auctioned or raffled using the $DUST token. The founders indicated that no $DUST would be burned and that 100% of the proceeds will be donated to the DustDAO. An Auction will also take place for selling the first burned DeGods.

Degods are the last collection to follow the Bitcoin ordinals trend. CryptoPunks, for example, have already their Bitcoin counterparts. The Bitcoin ordinals protocol allows since January inscribing of digital content like art onto the Bitcoin blockchain. Unlike NFTs on Ethereum and other blockchains, Rodarmor wanted to create an immutable on-chain presence of a piece of art, text, or video.

535 DeGods NFTs Brought Back to Life

The 535 DeGods NFTs were originally minted on the Solana network in 2021. The team then burned them to cut down the supply.

These special NFTs will now live a second life on the Bitcoin blockchain. “Bitcoin is the best brand in crypto—just as pristine as it gets”, explains DeGods co-founder Frank Rohun. “It’s the most well-known, and truly as simple but powerful as it can get”, he adds. “It’s like global sound money. That is so powerful. Aligning ourselves with the best brand in crypto is a no-brainer at any given point in time.”

In order to make the bridge to Bitcoin as smooth as possible, DeGods worked with the Bitcoin miner Luxor Technologies. They decided to create the 535 NFTs in a single block, by compressing the size of each NFT at the low resolution of 210×210 pixels. DMG Blockchain Solutions’ Terra Pool, a carbon-neutral mining pool, managed this special block.

DeGods will explore a new blockchain, a few weeks after announcing that it will leave the Solana Blockchain for Ethereum. Its sister project Y00ts will be moving to Polygon early next year.

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