888 NFT: The Inner Circle And More

888, or @crypto888crypto’s Inner Circle NFT collection features 8,888 editions of the same image. It is basically a screenshot of the Twitter account reaching 88.8k followers. Even though it is not some fancy artwork, it still sold out in seconds. How could this be?

888 inner circle nft

A reminder to thank the universe for blessings and miracles. Credit: 888InnerCircle

What is the 888 Inner Circle NFT?

888 Inner Circle NFT collection was created by 888, a big-time NFT influencer and collector. The NFT advocate decided to drop his first collection when his account reached 88.8k followers. Also, 888 recognized that there was a strong need for better ways for communities to come together in support of the artists they love. Hence, the 8,888 Genesis tokens.

Presently, the 888 Genesis NFT is sitting at a floor price of 0.2 ETH, with a total trading volume of 20.6k ETH. Apart from being a commemorative token, it also doubles as a #888InnerCircle membership card, unlocking various exclusive utilities. This ‘inner circle’ will enjoy regular airdrops and exclusive rewards, for FREE! 888 adds more value to the NFTs by actively collaborating with various blockchain platforms, NFT projects, celebrities, and others to create countless exciting rewards.

In the past, holders have already received at least one airdrop: a Jason Seife NFT. The next drop will be Genesis #4: Cool Cats x 888 NFT. If that doesn’t get your jaws to drop, the following Steve Aoki NFT certainly will. This is where the true value of this exclusive NFT club membership lies.

888 Inner Circle NFT

Genesis #4: Cool Cats x 888. Credit: 888InnerCircle

Guardians of the 8 Realms

Back in February 2022, the Inner Circle team introduced 8 Realms to the ecosystem, each guarded by a Guardian.

Each Realm is represented by a specific color, giving each of them an identity. This introduction effectively expands the 888 Inner Circle NFT ecosystem across the wider web3 space, allowing very diverse groups to come together. In addition to being part of this community, each of the Guardians will have their respective utilities for their Realms.

So, what’s next for the Inner Circle NFT community?

The 888 Inner Circle NFT team is actively accepting applications for both artists and NFT projects that might want to collaborate. The Artist Collaboration Portal allows artists around the globe to collaborate with 888 to create a drop for the members. Whereas the Early Access Application Portal is for creators that want to offer WL access for their drops.

Furthermore, do look out for 888 The New World, a digital art marketplace founded, built, and run by artists and pioneers in crypto art. This first investment round received the backing of Paris Hilton, RTFKT Studios, FEWOCiOUS, and many more. This initiative will continue to discover and lend financial support to artists around the globe.

As of now, you still have a chance to enter this exclusive community, even the Genesis club. Thanks to the bearish sentiment throughout the space, entry prices in the secondary market have been coming down significantly. This could be your chance? Just saying.

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