9dcc and SnowFro Collaborate on Fashion NFTs For Art Week Miami

Creative director gmoney has announced a pop-up experience at Art Week Miami from November 29 to December 3. As part of this event, gmoney has worked closely with generative art pioneer Snowfro to launch ITERATION-02, a 9dcc x Snowfro collaboration.

Iteration-02 will debut at Art Week Miami

About the gmoney and SnowFro collaboration

gmoney and SnowFro’s ITERATION-02 is a premium luxury white tee. Initially, the tee will be sold at Art Basel through an exclusive in-person minting experience. Purchasers of these limited editions will take possession of their 1-of-1 physical tees live on-site.

After the pop-up event, ITERATION-02 will be available to the wider Admit One community via a virtual mint. Furthermore, as with all 9dcc products, the ITERATION-02 luxe tee will be a Networked Product. Therefore, it will tie the physical to the digital via an NFT generated during the mint.

ITERATION-02 builds on gmoney’s strong crypto ties and sees 9dcc collaborate with Snowfro. To clarify, Snowfro is the creator of Chromie Squiggle and the founder of Art Blocks. To mark this occasion, 9dcc will deliver the products in an innovative manner, with the combination of live minting and on-site manufacturing being the first of its kind.

What is 9dcc?

9dcc is a crypto-native luxury house and lifestyle platform that redefines the way the fashion industry moves. The platform is for innovators and change-makers. Above all, it presents a new canvas for the luxury sector.

gmoney’s 9dcc collections are a distinctive and tasteful combination of cutting-edge hardware and applications. Through 9dcc, gmoney provides a bespoke designer range as well as a one-of-a-kind experience that connects the crypto and fashion sectors.

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