9dcc By Gmoney: Everything About The NFT Native Luxury House

9dcc gmoney

Gmoney, an NFT ‘disruptor and thought leader’, has launched 9dcc, an NFT native luxury house, working with IYK. The 9dcc aesthetic is cultivated from gmoney’s universe, globally in demand, his fast-paced travel unlocks world-class experiences, built in partnership and conversation with the leaders in fashion. This has been named his “most revolutionary initiative yet.

9dcc gmoney

9dcc is gmoney’s latest move in the NFT space.

About the 9dcc Luxury House

9dcc is the first-ever crypto-native luxury house and lifestyle platform, that is directed by gmoney. It has been built for innovators, change-makers and disruptors. 9dcc is a collection of fine networked products as well as a crypto-native maison that defines luxury created from the mind of gmoney. That network is a group of like-minded people who are coming from the crypto space looking for a luxury brand that they can trust and support.

The luxury house is an innovative move from gmoney. It embodies a new canvas for the luxury sector, which is often looked at as too unreachable for a lot of people to access.

9dcc tees will be minted exclusively to gmoney’s Admit One community on August 23rd for a mint price of 0.3 ETH. A total supply of 1,111 of the ITERATION-01 NFTs will be made available. At the time of mint, you will be able to choose from 1 of 6 looks NFTs. Each look will represent a different size.

About IYK and their role in 9dcc

Founded by Chris Lee and Ryan Ouyang, IYK is a consumer tech company. They use blockchain and NFC technology to bridge the digital and physical worlds. Particularly, the platform utilizes tokenized physical items and real-life experiences. This allows brands, companies, and creators to connect with their audiences in a way that both honors the digital age and continues to breathe life into IRL connection.

Imagine getting a concert ticket airdropped to you from your favorite artist because you own merch from their previous tour. Or, earning early access to an exclusive product drop from your favorite brand based on your purchasing history. This revolutionary level of consumer-brand connection is made possible by IYK.

Who is Gmoney?

To clarify, gmoney is a Puerto Rico-based NFT investor. At the time of his early purchase, he had the record for the most expensive Cryptopunk (January of 2021). Particularly, he has openly said that he uses his Cryptopunk, and subsequent NFTs that he’s purchased as a flex.

Gmoney, whose real name and identity remain unknown, was a part of the initial collaboration between Bored Ape Yacht Club and Adidas. As well as this, he helped Visa purchase their Cryptopunk, which was big news at the time.

Before he moved into the NFT and crypto space full-time, he was an equities trader for 15 years. Also, he is a general partner of Delphi INFINT, a crypto research and investment firm focusing on NFTs.

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