A Historical and OG NFT Collection: Everything About Curio Cards NFT

Curio Cards NFT, the first art NFT on Ethereum, is still going strong today. Since May 2017, 7 artists joined forces to create the 30-card digital art collection, paving the way for a new generation of artists. Today, the team is actively working on various collaborations, as well as the Curio DAO.

Curio Cards Dogs Trading

Say hi to the real OGs. Credit: OpenSea

Curio Cards NFT

The Curio Cards NFT collection is basically an online art show. These 30 cards are referenced in the original ERC-721 Non-Fungible Token Standard, even predating CryptoPunks. Because of their age, they need to be wrapped to be able to function on OpenSea, along with the other NFT collections. Aside from the ones available on OpenSea, some of the OG buyers will have to wrap their NFTs manually. This can be done through their very own Curio Wrapper.

The collection exists today because of the efforts of 7 visionary artists many years ago. Each numbered series has unique artwork and a fixed supply of digital prints, ranging in supply from 111 to 2k cards. There are a total of 29.7k cards, with an estimated 4k currently lost or destroyed. Presently, the collection has a floor price of 0.29 ETH, with a trading volume of 37.2k ETH. This collection was set up in a way that the 1% artist royalty will go entirely to the original artists.

Last year, Christy’s organized an auction for Curio Cards NFT, where a set of 31 NFTs were sold for 393 ETH. The collection is now being stored in The Arctic World Archive, along with 21 terabytes of GitHub open source code. To put this into perspective, the archive is set up to last 1,000 years, and will hold these collections, along with other important data. If this doesn’t impress you, I’m not sure what else in the space can.

Although the artists will not create anymore Curio Cards NFTs, the team is actively working on other collaborations. For instance, CurioCards x Metakey Wearable has 10.6k NFTs, while MoonCats x Metakey Wearable has 7.2k NFTs. These are ongoing collaborations with Metakey, MoonCats, and Pixel Map. These products are Decentraland-ready, and holders can claim 2 each.

Curio DAO

At this point, the team has gathered various ideas for the DAO, also providing rewards for members that contribute. Most importantly, the Curio DAO aims to ripple their collective Web3 knowledge to others as the space continues to grow. This is not the only NFT project that has transitioned to establishing their own DAO, which represents the next frontier of work and community.

Currently, the team utilizes various tools to help in establishing the Curio DAO. The Curio Cards NFT owners can participate through Twitter Spaces and Discord, enhancing the brainstorming process. This is where the community members can propose various ideas for their future direction. Subsequently, they will use Coordinape to reward the DAO members when necessary.

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