A0K1VERSE: Steve Aoki’s New NFT Community with Major Rewards

Promo image for Steve Aoki's A0K1VERSE

Welcome to the A0K1VERSE! Superstar DJ and music producer, Steve Aoki, has announced an exclusive new members’ club for NFT holders, fittingly called A0K1VERSE. The community will give access to current holders of Steve Aoki NFTs, as well as significantly broadening the community through a future token release. What’s more, the pioneering NFT project offers a wealth of both on-chain and IRL utilities.

Promo image for the AOKIVERSE from Steve Aoki

Superstar DJ Steve Aoki is launching the A0K1VERSE – an NFT-gated membership club. Credit: A0K1VERSE

What is the A0K1VERSE?

The A0K1VERSE is built as a token-gated social club that blends community with exclusive access. Indeed, members of the A0K1VERSE will have access to opportunities both digitally and in the real world. Not only from Aoki himself but also his network of brand partners and collaborators.

To illustrate, there are a number of opportunities that come along with A0K1VERSE membership. These include free Steve Aoki concert tickets, early access to NFT releases from Aoki as well as friends & family projects, Discord access, private events, metaverse experiences, free merch, and digital wearables, and exclusive access to brand collaborations including physical toys and digital collectibles.

Speaking about the new utility-focused project, Aoki says, “Now as we look at the future of what our community wants, I believe that the utility needs to be diverse, engaging, and evolving with culture. This is where IRL meets meta – not just in my world but the many worlds I am a part of.”

So how does one become a citizen of the A0K1VERSE? Well, there are two core building blocks of the NFT community. Namely, the A0K1 Credit, and The Passport.

 Steve Aoki on stage during day three of Collision 2019 at Enercare Center in Toronto, Canada

Star DJ and producer Steve Aoki is a major NFT creator and collector. Credit: Stephen McCarthy/Collision via Sportsfile

A0K1 Credits

To explain, A0K1 Credits are ERC-1155 NFTs and are the access token for the A0K1VERSE. All in all, there is a total supply cap of 30,000 NFTs.

Current holders of Steve Aoki NFTs will be able to use their NFTs to redeem the A0K1 Credits*. There will also be a presale for the Credits which will be open to holders of select NFT projects. Some of the presale qualifying projects include major NFT collections like Doodles, Adam Bomb Squad, Invisible Friends, 3LAU NFTs, and Deadfellaz.

As with many NFT drops, some of the A0K1 Credits will be reserved for partnerships and giveaways. Lastly, the remaining Credits will be available in a public sale.

One of the most interesting things about A0K1VERSE is how the A0K1 Credits function in its ecosystem. Specifically, how they relate to the NFT club’s Passports.

Collage of NFT characters from Steve Aoki's Dominion X

Manifold previously made the smart contracts for Aoki’s Dominion X NFT project. Credit: Dominion X

A0K1VERSE teams up with Manifold to give “Passports” to its citizens

Holders of the A0K1 Credits will be able to redeem those credits to obtain A0K1 Passports. Another key point is that there are six tiers of Passports, with higher tiers having access to more exclusive benefits. To that end, users will be able to upgrade their Passports by redeeming additional A0K1 credits or combining Passports.

A0K1VERSE developed the Passports with NFT creative studio Manifold. Notably, Manifold is the studio that made the smart contracts for Aoki’s NFT Project Dominion X.

What makes the A0K1 Passport NFTs so special is that they will evolve over time. In other words, as holders take part in different experiences within the A0K1VERSE, their Passports will be updated, or “stamped”. Thus keeping a record of the holder’s involvement in the A0K1VERSE.

To be sure, the big perks of the A0K1VERSE are all Passport-gated. This makes them the central pieces of the ecosystem.

Oddkey NFT marketplace logo featuring A0K1VERSE creator Steve Aoki's likeness with classic Todd McFarlane art

Aoki has been a huge supporter of NFTs, even announcing an NFT marketplace, Oddkey, last year. Credit: Oddkey

A major release from one of NFTs’ earliest celebrity champions

Of course, we have seen an influx of celebrities into the NFT space in recent months. In stark contrast, however, Steve Aoki has been experimenting with NFTs for a while now. In fact, the Grammy-nominated star has been active in the space at least since March of 2021, when he launched the “Dream Catcher” collection.

Over that period, he has an NFT collection of stop-motion animated shorts called Dominion X, collaborated with fellow musician and NFT advocate 3LAU, got a virtual estate in The Sandbox, and aped into some of the biggest NFT collections out there.

Back in November Aoki also launched an NFT marketplace with legendary comic book creator Todd McFarlane. The platform, Oddkey, will run on Solana and caters to comic book artists and their fans.

All things considered, A0K1Verse is another big move from one of the famous faces bringing NFTs into the mainstream. A0K1VERSE is pushing boundaries with its revolutionary NFT passport and exciting collection of metaverse and IRL utilities. For that reason, it could become a model for NFT-gated members’ clubs to come.

Learn more at the A0K1VERSE website!


*CORRECTION: At the time of initial publication, the article reflected an early press release indicating that current holders of Steve Aoki NFTs would receive A0K1 Credits via an airdrop, rather than by redeeming for them. The article has since been updated to reflect the correct method for NFT holders, which is to use their NFTs to redeem the A0K1 Credits. 

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