a16z Sets Sights on London as Regulatory Pressure Mounts for U.S. Crypto Exchanges

Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), the famous venture capital firm, is making its first international move by creating a presence in the United Kingdom. Let’s dive into it.


  • Andreessen Horowitz (a16z), a famous venture capital firm, is going international by establishing a presence in London amidst increasing regulatory scrutiny of U.S. crypto exchanges.
  • The move shows a16z’s confidence in the growing importance of the U.K. in the crypto industry, with the country’s Prime Minister emphasising the need for appropriate regulations to foster innovation and protect consumers.
  • a16z plans to join with U.K. academic institutions. The purpose is to bring its Crypto Startup School accelerator program, and tap into the U.K.’s talent pool. This development comes as companies navigate the uncertainties of crypto regulation and explore opportunities outside the U.S.
still from a16z U.S. Crypto Exchange

a16z Establishes in London Due to U.S. Crypto Exchange

a16z Establishes in London Due to U.S. Crypto Exchange Crackdown

The venture capital firm, a16z, that played a crucial role in the success of Web3 platforms like Dapper Labs and Foundation, is going international by establishing a presence in London. This decision comes as regulatory scrutiny towards U.S. crypto exchanges is increasing. Moreover, the scrutiny was demonstrated by the recent lawsuit filed by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Committee (SEC) against Coinbase.

Responding to the evolving U.S. crypto landscape, a16z’s general partner and head of its crypto department, Chris Dixon, expressed concerns about the current approach to the technology. In an announcement, he stated, “We’re excited about fostering the growth of crypto and web3 globally, and as always, we’re excited to keep building.” Additionally, Dixon explained that a16z is already invested in a “number of U.K.-based crypto companies including Arweave, Aztec, and Improbable” 

Why Did a16z Choose London?

The expansion to the U.K. shows a16z’s confidence in the country’s growing importance in crypto. The U.K.’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has emphasised welcoming technologies like Web3 to increase the U.K.’s position as a science and tech leader. Furthermore, Sunak explained that to ensure success, appropriate regulations, and safeguards are needed to protect customers and foster innovation.

As a result, Dixon praised the U.K.’s potential as a booming tech hub. He further highlights the favourable conditions for supporting emerging technologies. The London office, set to open later this year, will be led by Sriram Krishnan, a general partner at a16z.

In addition to establishing its presence, a16z plans to collaborate with academic institutions in the U.K. The purpose of this is to foster blockchain clubs and create talent for the crypto industry. The company will also bring its Crypto Startup School accelerator program to the country in the spring of 2024. The latest iteration of the program attracted around 8,000 candidates, with 26 companies gaining investment and mentorship from the venture capitalist firm.

Still from a16z U.S. Crypto Exchanges

a16z Crypto Startup School Comes to the UK

Looking to the Future

While a16z’s growth is reassuring for the international crypto industry, the U.K. is still looking at the difficulties of crypto rules. In mid-May, the parliament’s Treasury Committee suggested that crypto trading should be seen as “gambling” rather than a “financial service”.

However, Prime Minister Sunak has been urging for crypto and blockchain since his time as finance minister. Other lawmakers, such as MP Lisa Cameron, continue to support digital asset rules that promotes industry growth while protecting customers.

a16z’s news follows Crypto.com’s recent decision to close its institutional exchange services in the United States. Although industry experts expect a change in the U.S. regulatory environment, companies are currently looking for options elsewhere. 

With the increase of rules, it’s an unstable period in Web3 at present. a16z is one of several firms looking at different options due to the uncertainty surrounding U.S. crypto exchanges. However, it certainly seems that Europe may be the future home for many crypto and NFT brands. Difficult but exciting times lie ahead, so be sure to check back regularly for updates.

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