Achievement Unblocked: DFINITY & United Esports’ Competition Show

Achievement Unblocked Poster

Achievement Unblocked is bringing together the worlds of indie game development and competition TV shows! United Esports and the DFINITY Foundation are partnering on the series, which will feature beloved Esports commentator Mitch Leslie. What’s more, Achievement Unblocked will be the first-ever competition series for game developers. Indeed, the game developers on the show will compete to win their share of a $10 million funding pool.

Achievement Unblocked Poster

Award-winning Esports commentator, Mitch Leslie, will host the show. Credit: United Esports

What is Achievement Unblocked?

Achievement Unblocked is a competition series giving independent game developers a chance to live out their dreams. To sum up, the series will feature up to 100 developers and teams. It will follow them in real-time as they work through the steps of building a new game. Another key point is that developers will need to make sure their games utilize DFINITY’s Internet Computer.

A panel will judge the progress of the developers. Ultimately, that panel will decide which developers unlock the next levels of funding and support. By the same token, the panel will also eliminate developers at each round.

Host of the show, Mitch “UberShouts” Leslie is a mainstay of the Esports community. In fact, Leslie is an award-winning commentator and host, famous for his work in the Overwatch League. His role will be to guide the audience through the levels of game development. And of course, as is common in competition shows, Leslie will also help track the stories of the contestants.

Achievement Unblocked’s $10 million funding pool

While Achievement Unblocked follows the classic mold of a competition series, its largest focus is on helping all the game developers that take part. To that end, the series will provide grants, mentorship, technical support, and seminars throughout the program. 

By the same token, even when a developer drops out of the competition on the series, it doesn’t mean that they will no longer receive support. On the contrary, United Esports and DFINITY are committing to provide funding and help to game developers to help shape the future of gaming. 

Submissions to take part in Achievement Unblocked opened up in January and will remain open until March 31st. So if you’re a game developer interested in this unique opportunity, check out the website and follow the steps to apply!

Achievement Unblocked homepage

United Esports and the DFINITY Foundation are passionate about providing opportunities to independent game developers. Credit: DFINITY

NFTevening talks to United Esports CEO Felix LaHaye

As noted above, Achievement Unblocked is a joint effort. On one hand, there’s the DFINITY Foundation. It is the creator of the Internet Computer, which is the world’s first public blockchain running at web speed with internet scale.

Then there’s United Esports, one of the leading Esports media companies in North America. In the past, it has partnered with several major brands in the Esports space. Thus, it’s not surprising that it is making this exciting move. After all, blockchain gaming has been a major turning point for the gaming industry.

CEO of United Esports, Felix LaHaye, spoke to NFTevening about Achievement Unblocked. And how United Esports is approaching blockchain gaming as a whole.

Quotes are condensed and edited for clarity.

NFTevening: How do you see the emerging field of blockchain gaming creating new opportunities for independent game developers?

Felix LaHaye: We created Achievement Unblocked to break through stigmas and showcase the true legitimacy of these gaming technologies. Blockchain has the potential to offer plenty of benefits, particularly to players. The decentralized player-based economy that blockchain-based games allow can be a big draw for gamers. And the industry is taking notice.

Are there other specific issues in the wider gaming industry that you feel blockchain technology can address?

Games built on blockchain technology have the potential to retain item value. This potentially eliminates the repeating sunk costs most gamers are eventually confronted with. This can serve as an opportunity to remove a key barrier to new-game adoption.

Where did the initial idea for Achievement Unblocked originate from?

We recognized that most independent game developers who want to pursue their artistic visions are often met with obstacle-ridden paths. We wanted to help be a solution to this problem through Achievement Unblocked by providing the funds and resources needed to turn their dream game into a reality.

What appealed to you most about partnering with the DFINITY foundation on AUB?

We had been in discussions with DFINITY on what role the Internet Computer can play in gaming for quite some time before we conceptualized Achievement Unblocked. With DFINITY’s Internet Computer and United Esports’ unmatched experience and capabilities in gaming, we had all the best pieces anyone could ask for to create Achievement Unblocked.

What are some benefits of the Internet Computer blockchain that make it particularly ideal for hosting games?

The Internet Computer is the world’s first public blockchain running at web speed with an internet scale. This serves as the perfect foundation to build, scale and bring games to market.

To be sure, Achievement Unblocked is the latest example of Esports and the blockchain coming together. The most important thing about the partnership is that it speaks to how blockchain technology can increase opportunities for game developers at all levels. All in all, Esports and blockchain gaming are likely to continue growing together.