Adam Bomb Squad: Overlap between  Streetwear and NFTs

The iconic streetwear brand, The Hundreds, launched the sold-out Adam Bomb Squad (ABS) NFT Collection in August of 2021. Since then, the project has gone on to reach incredible heights – from collaborations with the likes of Brain Vomit and Deadfellaz, to high-profile events and of course, incredible merch, Adam Bomb Squad has has one terrific year. 

Let’s take a look at The Hundreds’ Adam Bomb Squad and all that it has achieved.

Adam Bomb Squad NFTs

Meet the digital bombs in the Collection! Credit: Adam Bomb Squad


What is Adam Bomb Squad?

Adam Bomb Squad is an NFT collection featuring 25,000 unique combinations of bombs and accompanying backgrounds. The collection includes the brand’s iconic mascot, Adam Bomb. Bobby Hundreds illustrated this cartoony character with an anxious and expectant face. It was based on The Hundreds’ logo at the time; an iconic silhouette called Solid Bomb. Adam Bomb has graced Times Squared highest billboards and has been donned by generations of streetwear fans. n.

The iconic project was an instant hit. Over the past year and few months, the collection has brought in over 22,238 ETH in total volume. What’s more, the floor price of 3.043 ETH in late January of 2021. Now, the floor is currently sitting at 0.19 ETH at the time of writing. Furthermore, holders of ABS NFTs have access to perks directly from Adam Bomb Squad and the community.

Who created Adam Bomb Squad NFT Collection?

Bobby Kim, aka Bobby Hundreds, and Ben Shenssafar, aka Ben Hundreds, are the creators of Adam Bomb Squad. The pair have worked together since 2013, when they began their streetwear brand out of a small apartment, with little funds. Now, many years later, The Hundreds is a pioneer of streetwear, and Adam Bomb Squad a leader in the NFT industry. 

As such, The Hundreds designed all Bombs at some point in the last 18 years. Many were featured on T-shirts, apparel, and billboards. The collection backgrounds draw on unique patterns such as custom camouflages and plaids that the streetwear brand employed in its seasonal collections. 

Bobby Hundreds of The Hundreds Brand

Bobby Hundreds (img. credit – Foundr)


What is the Hundreds?

The Hundreds is a ‘Global, community-based streetwear brand with an emphasis on People Over Product’. Founded in 2003, The Hundreds is now widely recognised as a pillar of the streetwear community, with the apparel reminiscent of 90s workwear and Californian subculture. The Hundreds have collaborated with the likes of Disney, Nipsey Hussle, Pepsi, Larva Labs, Adidas, Stanley Kubrick, and Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The Hundreds and Adam Bomb Squad Streetwear

Being a streetwear brand, The Hundreds had to include fashion as a main focus of the Adam Bomb Squad NFT utility. Some of the early utility for ABS holders included:

  1. Free ABS-exclusive Adam Bomb Squad T-shirt (One per wallet)
  2. Early access to The Hundreds of drops
  3. ABS-exclusive drops
  4. ABS-exclusive events, both digital and physical
  5. Fast lane privileges at warehouse sales

Therefore, one of the draws of the NFTs is their strong connection to the physical world. Since it is a retail product, it can inspire and extend real-life benefits to the buyers. Since launch, there have been several iconic streetwear pieces featuring ABS NFTs. One such piece is The Hundreds X NFL X Starter X SoFi Stadium for Super Bowl LVI. As an embroidered jacket with custom patches, this piece would have set you back $400. However, holders of Football Card Adam or Football Adam claimed the limited-edition jacket for free!

The Hundreds Super Bowl jacket

The Hundreds X NFL X Starter X SoFi Stadium for Super Bowl LVI

Many NFT projects include exclusive merchandise as part of the utility for holders. However, Adam Bomb Squad does things a little differently. Not only do they have exclusive merchandise, but they also give holders ownership of the brand itself through royalties. The ‘Simple Adam’ collection uses ABS NFTs in the Hundreds clothing lines, available for anyone to purchase. The holder of the ‘bomb’ used on the clothing receives 10% of the royalties, and this increases depending on the rarity of the bomb used.


The Hundreds Brand Simple Adam shirts featuring ABS NFTs

The ‘Simple Adam’ collection uses ABS NFTs in the Hundreds clothing lines

How much do Adam bomb squad NFTs cost?

At the time of writing, you can purchase a floor Adam Bomb Squad NFT for 0.19 ETH, or $244.. That is significantly lower than the all-time-high of 3.043 ETH. In fact, as ABS minted for 0.1 ETH in August of 2021, the cost in USD is actually lower than it was at the time of mint.

With that in mind, this would be an excellent time to pick up an ABS NFT for a low price. This is an NFT that can earn you money through royalties! In fact, only 5% of the collection is listed, meaning owners are holding on to their NFTs.

How do I buy an Adam bomb Squad?

As all of The Hundreds ABS NFTs sold out, the only place to purchase them is on the secondary market. Take a trusted marketplace like OpenSea, and either make an offer on the NFT you like, or choose a listed NFT to ‘buy it now’. Check out our guide on NFT wallets and read our NFT 101 to discover how to purchase an NFT for more information.

Bobby Hundreds x Adam Bomb Squad Events and Partnerships

Bobby Hundreds and Adam Bomb Squad have made some incredible connections and collaborations in the NFT space. Firstly, as a fashion-native brand, they have collaborated with other NFT artists and projects to create NFT merchandise. The brand has worked with the likes of Amber Vittoria, Ledger, and Degen Toonz to create NFTshirts. Furthermore, The Hundreds has a whole section on their website dedicated to NFT tshirts.

Additionally, there have been many iconic events by Adam Bomb Squad and Bobby Hundreds. At the ABS NFT pop-up store during NFT NYC, Bobby Hundreds set up a ‘protest’ stunt. ‘Protesters’ held signs that featured messages like ‘crypto is a sin’ ‘Vitalik is the antichrist’ and ‘the end is NFTs’. This was a brilliant example of guerrilla marketing, with a giant inflatable Adam Bomb over the intersection of Broadway and Grand.

Adam Bomb Squad protest

‘Make Fiat Great Again’

What’s more, The Hundreds and ABS have been known to throw some great parties. At NFT NYC in November of 2021, Bobby Hundreds also hosted an in-person edition of his Twitter Space show ‘Bomb Talk’. This was held at the Shopify store. He also held a party together with Coinbase, named ‘Right Click Save As’. Then, at NFT NYC in June of 2021, ABS threw an incredible party, ‘IYKYK’. With free drinks and Pusha T performing, the ABS crew know how to get down.


The Hundreds Brand ABS: Pusha T at ABS party



Finally, owning an Adam Bomb Squad NFT is owning a piece of both streetwear and NFT culture. The art is high-quality, the perks are amazing, and the community is second to none. If The Hundreds are pioneers in the fashion world, then surely ABS are pioneers of the NFT world. We can’t wait to see what they do next!


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