Adidas x Tokenproof: Unlock Exclusive Access to Adidas’ World with Your NFTs

Adidas has partnered with Tokenproof to bring its sports and lifestyle brand to the NFT community. They aim to provide benefits to holders through a token-gated access point on the Adidas CONFIRMED app. Further, Tokenproof’s secure authentication technology has seamlessly integrated into the app. This allows “ALTS by Adidas” NFT holders access to exclusive collaborations and designer merchandise.

a screenshot of the NFT app integration of Tokenproof with ALTS by Adidas

Adidas ALTS x Tokenproof: Taking NFTs to New Levels

The Adidas x Tokenproof integration is part of a three-year partnership. It is aimed at offering heightened utility and unrivaled access to Adidas products and experiences, all tied to their ALT[er] Ego traits. Adidas taps into Tokenproof’s cutting-edge authentication methods to supercharge their Web3 presence. Moreover, millions of Adidas CONFIRMED users in 25+ countries can now connect their wallets using Tokenproof. And by doing so, confirm whether they hold an ALTS by Adidas token.

If they do, they are rewarded with special perks. This includes access to limited edition products. The inaugral “Indigo Herz Pack” is designed in collaboration with the Bored Ape Yacht Club, Gmoney, and Pixel Vault PUNKS Comic. The integration has already garnered immense support from the Web3 community! It is now already a tried and tested onboarding process, entirely frictionless, and easy to use.

What Else Does the ALTS by Adidas Experience Offer?

The integration is part of the latest phase of the ongoing ALTS by Adidas experience, which includes live event tokengating and a new “offers” feature. The “offers” feature also allows brands (Web2 or Web3-based) to airdrop special in-store or online offers or discounts to users. This is done via the Tokenproof app, compatible with the brands’ native PoS systems.

The feature was first launched at NFT.NYC. Members of the ALTS by Adidas community who visited the Adidas Flagship Store on 5th Ave received a 20% off discount within the tokenproof app. Community members could redeem their coupon by tapping the “offers” tab within the app. Next, they must also show their QR code at the register at any one of the official Adidas stores in the United States. To clarify, the offer is valid within the one-week promotional timeframe.

Adidas’ latest Indigo Herz Pack

In conclusion, the Adidas and tokenproof partnership revolutionizes the token-holder experience. It also provides avenues for more brands and users to join the space. Tokenproof’s long-term relationship with Adidas also effectively unlocks a new era of consumer loyalty. Furthermore, the ability to create more direct relationships with the Web3 community and the brand heightens engagement via new experiences.

The commitment to true innovation is providing real-world value and utility in a simple and frictionless way that will ultimately cement the longevity of Web3.

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