Affyn Redefines Web3 Gaming with Buddy Arena’s Multi-Chain Global Launch

Buddy Arena's Multi-Chain Global Launch

Leading Singapore-based Web3 gaming company, Affyn, has unveiled Buddy Arena, the highly anticipated MOBA game with Web3 functionality. The mobile version of Buddy Arena is now available globally, alongside the introduction of their groundbreaking multi-chain ecosystem and innovative Omnia Sync Technology, significantly enhancing the gaming experience for players worldwide. 

Here is the launch trailer of the Buddy Arena game:

Key Details: 

Buddy Arena is a fast-paced MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game that harbors a world of depth and strategy beneath its surface. Players’ thoughtful choices of Buddies (characters), weapons, and abilities reveal the game’s brilliance. What sets it apart is its simplicity, delivering intense battles lasting just 2-3 minutes. 


Buddy Arena offers a multiplayer online battle experience with rapid-paced gameplay where participants compete for crystal dominance in fierce confrontations within arenas. Designed to provide an exciting gaming experience suitable for players of all levels, Buddy Arena stands out with its unique feature allowing players to summon creatures (Buddies) during battles. The timing of summoning them is crucial, as Buddies should only emerge under specific circumstances. Its brief yet action-packed gameplay can be captivating and addictive, especially due to the wide variety of Buddies, weapons, and ultimates available for selection. The game’s progression allows players to grow their team of Buddies, each a pocket powerhouse bursting with unique abilities and combat styles that aid in the game. 

Web3 Functionality: 

Affyn introduces a sustainable play-and-earn economy that’s non-inflationary, amplifying the value of $FYN while providing enticing rewards. With the inaugural ‘Play 2 Airdrops’ set to launch on April 4, 2024, players can utilize $FYN, the utility token within the game, not only to enhance their gaming experience through skins and cosmetics items but also to enhance the play-and-earn experience. For example, a certain gear, buddy, or item could boost the play-and-earn score by 5%. A mixture of items could even give a boost of up to 35%. 

Affyn’s Omnia Sync Technology facilitates interoperability between blockchain networks, enabling seamless transferability of NFTs. Through a notable collaboration with Imaginary Ones, Buddy Arena integrates Imaginary Ones’ NFT collection, offering players exclusive in-game content featuring the beloved IP ‘Chi Chi.’ This collaboration enhances the gaming experience and provides utility to NFT holders, with ‘Chi Chi’ users enjoying a 5% scoring buff in Buddy Arena’s upcoming ‘Play 2 Airdrops’ campaign.” 

About Affyn: 

Affyn is a Web 3.0 gaming, metaverse, and lifestyle company that utilizes blockchain technology to build a sustainable closed-loop economy. Users can play and earn in the virtual world and utilize their rewards in the real world. 

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