Age of Rust : A Blockchain Puzzle Game Powered by Enjin

If you are good at solving puzzles and want to earn free crypto, then you need to be looking at Age of Rust powered by Enjin. It’s a first-person adventure game with a play-to-earn model where players solve puzzles to progress. Plus, users of this blockchain game can collect in-game NFTs and earn bounties for solving puzzles. 

Age of Rust Poster for play-to-earn blockchain game on enjin

Earn free crypto playing a Blockchain game using Age of Rust’s play-to-earn mechanics. Credit: Age of Rust

This play-to-earn game is split into three seasons and the Open Beta Test for Season is now on Steam

Age of Rust is Full of Backstory and Lore  

Age of Rust is a dark sci-fi adventure guaranteed to capture your attention and make you think for hours because of its extremely detailed storyline. 

In the game, you’ll play as Quinn. He is the most prolific weaponized cipher-hackers of the 22nd century, sequenced and stored away for the future. Now he is being brought back because AI robots have turned into brutal machines. So as Quinn, you’ll have to use your complex puzzle-solving skills to progress in the game. 

Age of Rust Gaming Universe Gameplay screenshot robots Blockchain game

The lore is set at time when machines turned into humans and is running amok. Credit: Age of Rust

As you play the game, you’ll hear the voice of Arjen Callisto. She’ll guide you through your mission as you seek answers to the mystery. So her character is comparable to an NPC whose sole purpose is to provide instructions. 


The game started as a basic tech adventure run by a single developer. Then, it blossomed into one of the most anticipated and in-depth games in the space. In 2018,  Age of Rust was selected to join the Early Adopters Program from Enjin.

The gameplay requires you to solve puzzles, explore vast areas and, if you are lucky, find crypto or NFT treasures. Certain places you travel to are either exploratory, where you seek clues to puzzles and mysteries that unlock other areas or clues to the treasure in the game. Some of these puzzles are complex and difficult to solve. Others are progress-based, where you unlock a door to head to somewhere you haven’t been yet. 

Exploring Age of Rust Gameplay screenshot blockchain NFT game

Certain places in the game are for exploratory purpose meaning players can gather clues for the puzzles. Credit: Age of Rust

These places are linked together throughout the storyline of the game. So as you visit and explore each of the locations, more of the story is revealed. These places take place throughout the Age of Rust universe. So there are planet surfaces, caves, space stations, and abandoned ships that you can explore.

Meanwhile, Other levels are more combat-focused, where in order to progress and unlock another area, you need to fight your way through. To do that, you need weapons and other gear that you use in the game.  You can also use a weapon that you own on the blockchain. This might be a weapon you earned in another game or one that you specifically own on the blockchain for Age of Rust.

In summary, the game perfectly marries decoding puzzles and combat. 

Play-to-earn Component: NFT Treasures and CryptoBounties

As from the superb graphics and narrative, the game is attracting attention because it utilizes Enjin Coins and Bitcoin. Players are not required to buy tokens to play and yet, they can earn free crypto in-game. That being said, certain tokens will be required to finish high-level puzzles. 

The beta version on Steam was launched with an in-game bounty hunt for Bitcoin and Enjin worth over $1 Million. 24 BTC and 370,000 ENJ tokens were hidden in the game at the start of development but since prices have exploded, they are worth a lot more now.  

The ability to claim the main part of the treasure – 20 BTC – will be unlocked at the end of the game’s third season. Meanwhile, 4 BTC and the ENJ tokens are available in an ad hoc manner if you can solve the puzzles tied to them. 

earn free crypto bitcoin treasure hunt age of rust puzzle challenge

The Age of Rust Bitcoin treasure hunt allowed users to earn free crypto!

Age of Rust Bounties and Treasures earn free crypto play-to-earn rewards

Age of Rust’s Hefty Crypto Bounty allows users to win bitcoin with their play-to-earn model. Credit: Age of Rust

Age of Rust features blockchain assets (using Enjin on Ethereum) for game items. These game items are crypto items that are stored on a player’s wallet independent of the game. Over 10 million ENJ tokens have been incorporated into in-game NFTs. These NFTs can be burnt to extract their underlying value or traded on marketplaces.  

Enjin is also home to pioneering Blockchain games like Dungeon Universe and 9 Lives Arena. Follow their website for the latest in NFT gaming, with plenty more announcements planned for the coming year. Clearly, it is just the beginning for play-to-earn games on the blockchain.

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