Agents Speak Up: Exploring the Hidden Purpose of the Secret Service’s NFTs

The United States Secret Service has revealed more details behind the purpose of its NFT collection on OpenSea. Let’s dive in. 


  • The US Secret Service revealed details about its NFT collection on OpenSea during a Reddit AMA, addressing its involvement in crypto and blockchain technology.
  • The “Digital Asset Technology Alliance” (DATA) Squad, part of the Secret Service’s San Francisco Field Office, explored NFTs to better understand the technology. 
  • While the NFTs had offers, the agents clarified they were not intended for sale.
Still from Secret Service NFT

The Secret Service’s NFTs

Does the Secret Service Have an NFT Collection?

The United States Secret Service has finally spoken out about its NFT collection on OpenSea. During a Reddit AMA session on May 16, agents spoke with the crypto community on r/cryptocurrency. The session shed light on their involvement with crypto and blockchain technology. Up until then, little explanation had been provided about the purpose of the NFT collection.

In an interview with Cointelegraph, San Francisco field office members, known as the “Digital Asset Technology Alliance” (DATA) Squad, shared their motivations for exploring NFTs. According to Andrew Frey, a forensic financial analyst, the collection serves as a way for the agency to gain a deeper understanding of NFTs. It also showcases their interest in the broader crypto ecosystem.

The DATA Squad operates within the Secret Service’s San Francisco Field Office, focusing specifically on crypto-related crimes. Special Agent Alfonso Speed highlighted the personalised nature of the NFTs owned by the squad. Each field agent has their own unique NFT representing their connection to Northern California, particularly the San Francisco Bay Area.

Some of the NFTs have received offers ranging from 0.0028 ETH ($5) to around 0.02 ETH ($37). However, the agents made it clear that they never intended to sell the NFTs. Many agents already participate in the crypto space with personal holdings of their own. So, the purpose of the collection has been revealed and with this comes a glimpse into their exploration of NFT technology.

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