Algorand Welcomes Pablo Fraile’s New NFT Marketplace ‘Aorist’

Digital art patron Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile launches a revolutionary NFT marketplace on Algorand: Aorist. Climate consious, the platform aims to revolutionize the NFT market and empower a new creator economy.

Screenshot of the official logo of the Aorist NFT platform


Aorist, revolutionizing the NFT market with Algorand

Avid collector Pablo Rodriguez-Fraile is aiming to revolutionize the industry by launching their new non-fungible token platform. The NFT marketplace is called Aorist and its motto, ‘Creating at the edge,’ symbolizes its current technology.

Firstly, Algorand’s Aorist marketplace will feature both digital and physical collectible NFTs. Plus, they will also hold NFT events, such as exhibitions.

The platform will serve as a bridge between traditional and digitalized artworks, thus facilitating the artists’ progress in both worlds.

Currently, the Aorist developers still haven’t announced an official release date for their new NFT marketplace. However, the platform hosted its first private NFT sale; featuring artist Andres Reisinger’s artworks. Reportedly, the whole NFT collection sold out extremely fast with the highest bid reaching $160,000.

A visionary’s dream coming to life

Cultural strategist Ximena Caminos teamed up with NFT artist Andrea Bonaceto to bring this innovative concept to life. However, project-lead Pablo Fraile, has long been a pioneer on the non-fungible token market.  Allegedly he has been investing in the NFT industry from the very beginning.

Now, the prolific collector has managed to bring his vision to life in the form of an innovative NFT marketplace, Aorist.

To clarify, the platform runs on the Algorand blockchain, which boasted about ’empowering a new creator economy’ in a recent tweet:

Screenshot of the Algorand blockchain announcing the launch of its new Aorist NFT platform

The Algorand blockchain has officially announced the launch of the Aorist marketplace, introducing it as a ‘next-generation cultural institution.’ Credits: Twitter

According to the announcement posted on its official website,  Aorist, marketplace on Algorand, is dedicated to the next generation’s artists:

“Aorist is a next-generation cultural institution with a sophisticated marketplace that empowers contemporary artists creating at the edge of art and technology. (…) Taking advantage of web3 technology to offer advanced tools for artists to push the limits of their practice, aorist redefines ownership, authenticity, and social capital.”


Screenshot of the Algorand official logo from the official website

Algorand is a revolutionary PoS blockchain protocol that aims to deliver smart contract solutions in a fast, eco-friendly manner. Credits: Algorand

The Algorand Blockchain is Climate-Conscious

Algorand takes pride in being the first pure PoS (proof-of-stake), open-source blockchain protocol. Launched in June 2019, the platform appeared at a time when many crypto enthusiasts were complaining about the slow transaction times of Bitcoin.

Due to its permissionless blockchain protocol, Algorand has significantly lower transaction fees. This innovative technology has led to over 1 million daily transactions reported by December 2020.

The blockchain-based crypto platform has been focusing on delivering smart contract solutions ever since its release. Now, Algorand’s focus is on Layer-2 smart contracts. Meanwhile the platform’s decentralized technology is still improving –  another leg-up to the Algorand Aorist marketplace.

Finally, Algorand is also collaborating with ClimateTrade. Together, they aim to offset all carbon emissions. Although ambitious, achieving this goal will be a game-changer for the NFT and crypto worlds alike. The environmental damage NFTs can cause have put many people off joining the industry. With this addition, the Algorand Aorist marketplace will be guilt-free for the environmentally conscious.

Seemingly, Pablo Fraile’s futuristic vision and Algorand’s technological support will make the Aorist Marketplace a revolutionary tool for NFT artists globally.

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