All About Cute Collectibles: Alien Frens NFT

If you’re looking for a great investment in 2022, the Alien Frens NFTs might be ideal. These cute outer-worldly digital avatars have just arrived in the Ethereum blockchain – and they’re already taking over the market.

Launched on December 20th, the collection already has a floor price of 1.7 ETH. Not only is this over 80 times bigger than the 0.02 ETH minting price, but it’s also a great preview for the NFTs’ success in 2022.

With an ambitious roadmap, trendy designs, and powerful community, Alien Frens might become the next big thing in avatar NFTs, so let’s find out more.

Image of two Alien Frens NFTs

Alien Frens is a brand new NFT collection of 10,000 outer-worldly digital avatars. Credits: Alien Frens

What are Alien Frens NFTs?

On December 20th, a mysterious UFO landed on Earth via the Ethereum blockchain. It was Alien Frens, a collection of 10,000 cartoon-style avatar NFTs arriving straight from Planet Fren. These digital assets are a delightful mix of alien and human traits. Three pairs of eyes, cowboy hats, and even zombies – here you’ll find it all.

Accordingly, the 10K Alien Frens NFTs come in four rarities:

  • Common (4,000)
  • Semi-rare (3,000)
  • Rare (2,000)
  • Ultra-rare (1,000)
image of an Alien Frens NFT

Alien Frens NFT #8553 sold for 3 ETH on January 5th via OpenSea. Credits: OpenSea

Why do rarities matter? To begin with, rarer NFTs obviously have a higher value than common ones. For example, an Alien Fren NFT (see below) sold for a whopping 3 ETH today. Surprisingly, this means a 150% ROI (Return of Investment) for its holder!

That’s because these cute Frens were offered for 0.02 ETH at launch – a bargain considering their current value. Don’t worry, though; you might still get your own digital asset for 1 ETH if you’re lucky.

Considering their community and roadmap, though, it’s all worth it!

Image of an Alien Frens NFT

Community & project roadmap

Even though Alien Frens is a fairly new project, it has already surpassed 30,000 Twitter followers. What’s more, big names in the NFT industry are supporting the project too, including entrepreneur Gary Vee. As a result, the Frens’ Discord community has more than 20K members enjoying exclusive sneak-peeks, giveaways, and more.

Nevertheless, the Alien Frens NFTs roadmap is equally impressive. Accordingly, the team is planning to host a private Los Angeles-based event on January 15th for all holders. By the end of the month, we’ll enjoy the first themed streetwear drop too!

Moving forward, there will be a 30-page comic book launch on February 15th. This story will reveal the fascinating world of the Planet Fren.

Meanwhile, the $Frens token will drop on February 28th. Although the team didn’t reveal any details yet, this launch will definitely upgrade the project overall, increasing its value.

With so many exciting things to come, Alien Frens seems to have great potential. As 2022 unfolds, the team will reveal more exciting details, exclusive giveaways, and charity donations for the community!

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