All 100k 5-Digit ENS Names Have Now Been Minted

100k 5-digit ENS domain names sold

5-digit ENS domain name holders celebrate as all 100k combinations of 5-digit ENS domains get minted. The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) is a ethereum domain registry service. Basically it’s an NFT that allows you to set a chain-wide nickname for your wallet. Now, every single ENS of 5 digits has been registered!

100k 5-digit ENS domain names sold

100k 5-digit ENS domain names sold

All 100k 5-Digit ENS Names Minted Out

As reported by Twitter user @100kClubENS, there were only 19,000 5-digit ENS domains minted on May 1st. Thus, around 81,000 ENS domains got minted in merely five days. 

Reportedly, out of the 100k 5-digit ENS domains, the last one minted was “76148.ens”. Also, another Twitter user commented, “Anyone born August 14th in 1976? If so… you need that number!!”

Apart from collecting the 100k 5-digit ENS domains, many are also looking for 5-digit palindrome numbers, called the “Palindrome squad.”

At the time of writing, ENS domain sales are up by 300% on the OpenSea marketplace. Also, the cheapest 5-digit ENS domain, 50379.eth, is available for 0.02 ETH.

All 100k ENS domains gets minted

All 100k ENS domains get minted. Credit: 065.eth on Twitter

What Are ENS Domains?

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum Name Service is a name and lookup service. Accordingly, crypto users can translate their machine-readable addresses to human-readable addresses. In fact, you can think of it as a nickname generator that aims to make crypto more accessible. 

In addition, ENS offers human-readable domains for crypto wallets, websites, content hashes and metadata. Thus, it aims to be your Web3 username, connecting all your websites and addresses under a single name. 

Meanwhile, May 4th marked five years since ENS went live on Ethereum. However, last year, in particular, has seen ENS explode in usage and popularity. Now, with all 100k 5-digit ENS domains getting minted, the future looks bright for ENS holders.

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