What Is the Lazy Lions NFT Collection All About?

Lazy Lions were one of the NFT projects booming in the PFP avatar craze in 2021. This 10K collection boasts a respectable track record, as well as a strong community. Plus, they also launched a secondary Lazy Cubs collection in 2022. While the collection is no longer above the 1ETH mark, there’s still interest. The Lazy Lion NFT collection is still going strong a whole year after launch.

So, without further ado, let’s talk about the Lazy Lions NFT collection.

The Lazy Lions and Lazy Cubs NFT mascots

The Lazy Lions NFT collection has been going strong since its August 2021 launch.

What is the Lazy Lions NFT Collection?

The Lazy Lions NFT collection is a unique collection of 10k lions, programmatically generated from over 160 possible traits. This includes various clothing, manes, expressions, and more. Not only that, Lazy Lions also released a secondary collection named Lazy Cubs. But what are Lazy Lions and how can you buy a Lazy Lion NFT today?

The group of lazy lions, known as kings and queens, roaming free on the Private Island. Since getting rich in the NFT space, they just chill on this secret island. There are drinks on the cabana bar, a gym, a shopping strip mall, spas, hammocks, and other cool stuff you want on a private island.

Who is behind Lazy Lions?

Blockchain Media PTY LTD. is the team behind this project. The Lazy Lions released in Fall 2021, sold out in 5 hours. Since then, they’ve produced many successful collaborations. Now, they are real household names in the NFT community.

Lazy Lions NFT #9431

Legendary Lazy Lion #9431 sold for a whopping 79 ETH!

How Much is a Lazy Lion NFT?

The Lazy Lions NFT Collection sold out immediately. Now, at the time of writing, the NFTs have a floor price of 0.5 ETH. What’s more, the collection has amassed a secondary trade volume of 30k ETH.

While the big sales are no longer, the most expensive Lazy Lion NFT ever went for an incredible 99 ETH on October 1st 2021. An all-gold Lazy Lion, #9431, comes in second with a 79 ETH sale in January 2022.

Why are Lazy Lions worth so much?

Without a doubt, the strongest asset of Lazy Lions has been its community. Notably, Lazy Lions is not generally considered among the best, “blue-chip” NFT projects. However, it has easily had one of the most visibly active Twitter NFT communities over the past year.

There are 5.1k lion owners, but the overall community is huge. To illustrate, the project has over 100K followers on Twitter alone. What’s more, this community includes the likes of Jake Paul, John Terry, Seth Curry, and many other celebrities. Not to mention that the project also partnered with ormer grand slam winner of the Australian, French, and US Open,Stan Wawrinka, for a special drop.

Lazy Lions NFT roadmap banner

Check out this roadmap illustration. Credit: Lazy Lions

The Lazy Lions 2022 Roadmap

Lazy Lions put out its 2022 roadmap out on January 29, 2022. Interestingly, the team opted to release it via the above image. As a result, it was careful not to put out too many details. It did note in a blog post that the lack of specifics was “due to specific NDA’s and front-run concerns”.

With that said, we at least know about one major roadmap point that just recently launched. Namely, edition #1 of Lazy Lions Comics “A Glitch In Time”. As of June 23rd, holders with a complete set of Lazy NFTs (Lazy Lion, Lazy Cub, and Lazy Bungalow) on the 22nd of June had two weeks to claim their Lazy Comic #1 NFT.

What Do Lazy Lion Holders Get?

Lazy Lions has worked to give its holders a range of utilities since its launch.

Firstly, there was a Bungalow airdrop for Lazy Lions holders back in September 2022. There were also 1,500 bungalows available in a public sale. Basically, this NFT was designed to be used as a social media banner. In addition, Lazy Lions later launhed The Bungalow dApp. This actually allowed holders to link their other NFTs, thus decorating their Lazy Bungalow with other NFTs.

Other utilites include access to ROARwards, future metaverse utility, and full commercial rights for NFT holders. Not to mention the major companion collection that holders were eligible to mint this year.

Lazy Lions Lazy Cubs

Lazy Lions’ companion collection, Lazy Cubs, dropped in May 2022.

Lazy Cubs: What you should know

The Lazy Lions team dropped Lazy Cubs NFT Collection in May 2022.  All Lazy Lions were eligible to mint the new NFTs. The Bungalow owners without Lions also got an allowlist spot to finally and officially enter the club.

Unfortunately, market conditions appeared to affect the Lazy Cubs sale as only 7,000 Cubs got minted. After minting for 0.1 ETH, the Cubs now sit at a floor price of 0.07 ETH. The collection has managed about 260 ETH in secondary volume.

Making an impact IRL: Born Free Foundation

The Born Free Foundation is inviting all Lazy Lions holders to visit the Shamwari Private Game Reserve. The team is sponsoring 2 lions, Angela and Louga, and this is where they live. To show their gratitude, they are inviting all holders to take a VIP tour of the Lazy Lion big-cat sanctuary in Eastern Cape, South Africa. If you are a holder, you can claim your tickets at their website.

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