Alo Yoga Gives Customers Free NFTs in Store

The free NFTs from Alo Yoga’s latest partnership with MoonPay are finally available for physical customers! From now on, each physical Alo Yoga store across the US will offer free collectibles to its clients. These digital assets include inspiring affirmations to honor Mental Health Awareness Month.

image of two models wearing alo yoga clothes

Alo Yoga makes headlines in the NFT space again by offering free NFTs to all of its in-store clients!

How Can You Claim Alo Yoga’s Free NFTs?

One of the leading US apparel retailers, Alo Yoga, continues its Web3 journey with an innovative drop. Along with MoonPay, the brand offers free NFTs to each physical store nationwide.

Accordingly, customers will find an NFC terminal that says ‘Tap for Mindfulness.’ When customers bring their smartphone close to the NFC chip, they’ll be redirected to a web page to claim a free daily NFT.

Overall, the company hopes to encourage its customers to join the Web3 space in a familiar way. Their daily free NFTs are, in fact, stored on Ethereum, and MoonPay’s NFT minting system is intuitive for trading beginners too.

“We’re not using Web3 jargon. Instead, we are allowing our community to explore digital ownership in familiar environments,” Alo Yoga Global Head of Marketing Angelic Vendette said.

image of a client claiming free NFTs from an alo yoga store

Customers can use NFC smartphone tech to mint their NFTs via the MoonPay platform.

What is Alo Yoga?

Founded in 2007 in Los Angeles, Alo Yoga is among the leading apparel and accessories yoga brands of the moment. Right now, the company has 19 physical stores across multiple US states with thousands of physical customers.

Earlier this year, Alo Yoga debuted its first NFT collection titled ‘Digital Twins’ with free mints. Considering the user-friendly experience, Alo Yoga can introduce people of all ages and backgrounds to the NFT world within minutes.

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