Alpha Aliens Club: The NFT Project That Is Out Of This World!

Image of Alpha Aliens Club NFT

The Alpha Aliens Club is here and plans to take over the entire NFT universe. A fantastic new project with unique 3D art and an exceptional roadmap, they are already making massive noise in the NFT space. 

More details will follow in due time about the mint of this exciting project on the Ethereum blockchain. For now, you can join the whitelist via Discord and secure a place for when the mint begins.

Image of Alpha Aliens Club NFT

The Alpha Aliens Club is a new 3D NFT project that plans to change the NFT space forever.

What is the Alpha Aliens Club?

Now and then, an NFT project comes along that changes the landscape. The Alpha Aliens Club certainly has the infrastructure, team, art, and ambition to do so. Moreover, the project is incredibly innovative, and the concept is literally out of this world. 

The team behind this extraordinary NFT project has a significant background in the NFT space. Their team members include some of the best 3D digital artists worldwide, knowledgeable blockchain developers, and experienced investors. Together, they aim to turn the Alpha Aliens NFT project into a giant blue chip ecosystem in the metaverse.

Image of The Alpha Aliens Club planet

The Alpha Aliens are an advanced civilization from the planet Nuuwei.

The Story behind the Alphas

Focusing on an advanced civilization of Aliens from our neighboring star system Alpha Centauri, the story behind the Alpha Aliens Club is just as incredible as the art and the overall project vision.

Living on the planet Centauri B (Nuuwei), the Alphas have also developed a way to manifest their dreams into becoming their reality over billions of years.

Now, the Alphas of Nuuwei are traveling to Earth to share the ability to manifest our dreams as they do. In addition, they want to share their technology and knowledge with the young human species. First, we walk. Then we run. Then we fly.

Meet the Alpha Aliens NFTs

The 3D artwork for the NFTs is incredible, and the artists have been working for months to create these distinctive characters. Every part of the design is handmade, including the Alpha’s avant-garde outfits and wide range of accessories. 

Image of 3D artwork Alphas

Every part of the Alpha Aliens design is handmade by a team of 3D design experts.

The team behind the Alpha Aliens Club has been documenting their work over the months, and there are a series of informative mind-blowing videos on Youtube that show the process of creating the Alphas from start to finish and the inspiration behind them.

The five Alphas

In total, there are five categories of Alpha Aliens, each with its own skill set. What’s more, some are rarer than others. The five are –

Brudu These fearless and lethal warriors are the metaverse’s eyes, ears, and shadows.

Image of Brudu Alpha Aliens Club


Yoza   Brilliant strategists and engineers who are the minds behind these breathtaking intergalactic technologies

Yoza character


Elgri  – Eccentric and wealthy nobles, the highest class of the Alphas. They have helped expand the metaverse by financing their civilization’s tech. 

Image of Elgri


Zin –  These are benevolent and wise oracles that operate as intermediaries between the Gods, nobles, and engineers.

Image of Zin character Alpha Aliens Club


Maw-Ren  – Visionary Gods who are the overseers with a grand plan. They also guide the direction and expansion of the metaverse.

Image of Alpha Aliens characters


The Alphas are an advanced civilization of Aliens from our neighboring star system who are here to share their technology and help us manifest our dreams.

The Alpha Aliens Club’s Discord also has a dedicated lore channel. Here, members can learn more about the Aliens, their history, and their exploration of the metaverse.

Along with the behind-the-scenes videos which show the process of creating each of the five categories of Alphas, the team has put a tremendous amount of effort into the story behind them.

Head over to Youtube, and you can find character description videos that provide in-depth knowledge of each character’s ability and backstory.

The Alpha Aliens Club Roadmap is extensive and promising!

The Alphas roadmap is refreshingly innovative. There are five phases in total and a secret phase X. Furthermore, the final mysterious phase promises to stretch the boundaries of the metaverse and how we use it.

Firstly, in phase one, the team will reveal the out-of-this-world, fantastic Alpha Aliens Club characters. These characters invade the metaverse in phase two, accompanied by yet-to-be-seen outer-worldly companions.

Phase three will include a token drop, and phase four will implement alien technology. Significantly, in phase five, there are plans for a video game and more.

Image of the Alpha Aliens Club NFT roadmap

The Alpha Aliens roadmap includes plans for companion drops, innovative tech, and a video game.

Coming soon…

Finally, you must remember that this is just the start of Alpha Aliens Club. These 3D NFTs offer unique art, an enchanting story, and an extensive roadmap. Don’t forget you can also join the Alpha Aliens NFT whitelist right now.  Watch the official trailer for the Alpha Aliens Club here!

To find out more, get on the whitelist and join the expanding community, head over to the official Alphas Discord.