Alpine Teams with Binance to Offer Fans Unique F1 NFT!

The Binance Fan Token platform has recently launched Alpine Fan Token NFTs with the BWT Alpine F1 Team. This allows fans access to unique experiences. Some of these include visiting the team’s factories, driving experiences, and meeting the drivers. Fan Tokens enable fans to have once-in-a-lifetime experiences with their favorite F1 team. Learn more below!

f1 nft poster showing an F1 NFT car and writing that reads 'alpine race collectibles'

What are the F1 Alpine Fan NFT Collections on Binance?

The Binance Fan Token Platform offers digital tokens for sports fans and teams. It also offers tokens for gaming, e-sports, and entertainment brands. Therefore, fans can engage in various activities with rewards such as signed merchandise, special team experiences, limited edition NFTs, and exclusive votes on club decisions

Further, the Alpine Fan Token ecosystem introduces the Alpine Race Day Collectibles to fans. This contains 6,000 NFTs being released for each F1 GP. Six of these collectibles are Super Super Rare (SSR) NFTs that come with weekend rewards. Moreover, they are randomly distributed amongst the collectors without any additional charges or selection process.

SSR NFT holders receive an email from the Alpine Fan Token team that also informs them about participating in that weekend’s rewards. For instance, if the reward is a factory visit, the six SSR NFT claimants receive direct invitations to the activity. However, if they are unable to take part in the reward, they have a two-week window to trade the SSR NFT and its associated reward on the Binance NFT marketplace.

After the cut-off time, the SSR NFT holders have the right to claim that week’s reward, but purchasing an SSR NFT after the cut-off period will not allow them to claim the rewards. You may start collecting Alpine Race Day Collectibles from April 2 and experience the thrill of discovering what rewards are in store!

How Does the Reward System Work?

For every F1 Grand Prix event, the Alpine Fan Token Platform releases 6,000 Alpine Race Day Collectibles to the public. Out of these collectibles, six are rare Super Super Rare (SSR) NFTs tied to the rewards for the weekend. If a collector claims an SSR NFT, the Fan Token team will contact them through the email attached to their Binance User ID. The email will give information on how to participate in the rewards for that weekend. If the reward for that particular race weekend is a factory visit, the six holders of the SSR NFTs will receive an invitation.

Collectors will have two weeks to sell their SSR NFTs on the NFT marketplace if they cannot participate in the weekend’s activity. Only those who own the SSR NFTs before the cut-off time will participate in that weekend’s rewards. However, users who buy SSR NFTs after the cut-off period cannot claim the rewards. The new reward system has made collecting Alpine Race Collectibles more thrilling. Finally, collectors can start collecting from April 2 and discover the exciting rewards that await them.

How to Claim Alpine Race Collectibles?

Below are the ways to claim Alpine Race Collectibles for new and existing users.

  • New Users: To claim an Alpine Race Collectible, new users may follow these steps:
    • Go to the landing page and select the available Alpine Race Day Collectible.
    • Click to obtain the Mystery Box.
    • Complete ID verification (KYC) to open the Mystery Box and claim the Alpine Race Day Collectible it contains.
    • New users who claim their first Alpine Race Day Collectible will automatically receive a reward of 3 USD worth of Alpine Fan Tokens.
  • Existing users: can claim an Alpine Race Collectible by following these steps:
    • Ensure that they have 20 Alpine Fan Tokens in their wallet.
    • Go to the landing page and select the available Alpine Race Collectible.
    • Click to obtain the Mystery Box and open it to access the Alpine Race Collectible.

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