Protecting your NFT artwork with

We all know that the NFT smart contract is securely stored on the blockchain. However, not everyone realizes that the NFT artwork is usually stored off-chain somewhere on the internet. A link on the blockchain points to the artwork, but this link can break. Unfortunately, if it breaks, so does your NFT. This is where comes in.

Your blue-chip NFT can disappear in an instant.

How can I ensure that my artwork doesn’t go missing?

NFT creators should take the necessary steps to ensure that the image link never breaks. Typically, they do this by storing the image on the immutable IPFS network and running their own IPFS. Alternatively, they could pay for a “pinning” service to keep the image on public servers. Many of them, however, fail to do this. Indeed, recently analysed several million NFTs and found that 17% already showed signs of missing artwork.’s solution scans your NFT portfolio and identifies images that may need to be pinned to IPFS. Then, the service securely stores these images on at least three IPFS servers around the world. In this way, you will know that your NFT is safe, regardless of the action taken by the creator. offers a free service for up to 100 NFTs and paid plans starting at $US20 per month for up to 1,000 NFTs. In addition, also provides services to NFT artists and developers to upload artwork directly to the alwaysNFT servers via the web or the IPFS API.

Given the billions of dollars invested in NFTs, it makes sense for owners to do everything they can to protect their investments. Without a doubt,’s service for the small collector and economical pricing for more extensive portfolios are a small price to pay for peace of mind.