Amazon.eth ENS Domain Has A $1 Million Bid

Representational image of ENS Domain name

Ethereum Name Service (ENS) or ENS domains have been making headlines recently. Now, the ENS domain Amazon.eth is in the news after someone placed a bid of $1 million! If the owner accepts the offer, it will be another record sale for ENS domain names. Let’s take a closer look at what happened with Amazon.eth.

Representational image of ENS Domain name

ENS Domain names are hotting up! Credit: Freepik

What happened with the ENS Domain Amazon.eth?

Recently, an anonymous buyer placed a bid of $1 million for the ENS Domain Amazon.eth. This astounding bid comes close on the heals of domain names such as Samsung.eth and Starbucks.eth selling for 60 ETH (about $90,0000). Already, the bidder’s wallet includes a range of ENS domains, including xxx.eth and bagner.eth. 

At the time of writing, the domain’s current owner had not accepted the offer. Notably, they bought the domain about five months ago for 33 ETH (about $102,000). This means that if the deal goes through, the present owner will net a 1,000% profit.

Interestingly, the anonymous buyer placed the bid with USDC. To be sure, most ENS domains are sold in ETH. 

ENS Domain sales are soaring

Recently, there has been a growing interest in ENS Domains, despite the bear market. Some attribute it to their inherent utility, which makes crypto transactions easier. Their value is only likely to go higher in the future.

In fact, early this month, someone paid 300 ETH or around $320,000 (at the time) for “000.eth”. Currently, this is the second-highest sold .eth domain name, the first being paradigm.eth. Paradigm.eth fetched around $1.5 million in October last year. 

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