Amber Parks Disrupts Metaverse Fashion with PLAY!POP!GO!

Visual artist Amber Parks shines new light on the digital fashion world with “PLAY! POP! GO!”— a direct-to-consumer art, fashion, and lifestyle omniverse. This innovative new project combines street fashion with the “phygital” world to bring holders unique fashion experiences. It also integrates the Chainlink Verifiable Random Function (VRF) on Ethereum to distribute traits for its avatars in a fair, secure, and reliable manner. Learn more about Play! Pop! Go! and the new trends it aims to set in the metaverse fashion industry.

a picture of Amber Parks, the visual artist / co-founder behind the new "Play! Pop! Go!" fashion metaverse.

Amber Park’s Play! Pop! Go!: All You Need to Know

PLAY! POP! GO! is a metaverse project by Amber Park, an LA-based Korean-American artist and director working towards uplifting under-resourced people from various communities. Her resume speaks for itself, with  clients like Katy Perry, Camila Cabello, and Lil Yachty. She has also worked with brands such as Apple Music, Vevo, and Vogue. Moreover, her previous Web3 project “I LIKE YOU, YOU’RE WEIRD” sold out in just 6 minutes generating close to $3M in revenue and $9M+ in aftermarket sales.

PLAY! POP! GO! is her latest fashion and lifestyle project that connects high-end streetwear with Web3. With it, Park creates bright, bold, and genderless designs. These creative works can be worn both in real life, and in the metaverse. In the metaverse, there are different characters that represent and celebrate freedom, creativity, and individuality. It aims to use NFT technology in new and exciting ways that make shopping more fun. Moreover, it creates a virtual world that goes along with people’s owned physical items.

We like to describe our IRL brand as “modern sophistication with a Gen Z demeanor” with the intention of showcasing how we are not only innovating in a digital canvas and art form, but also crafting physical products, fuelled by passionate storytelling and design with the goal of inspiring the next generation of free-thinkers.” states Amber Park to NFTEvening. “Often with physical products in Web2, there’s a story behind each piece crafted by the artisans and artists behind our favorite garments that goes untold. We only get a glimpse of the world of narrative and spirit that goes into creating the products that can make us feel like superheroes, or unlock previously unknown parts of our imagination.

What Makes this Metaverse Different?

A standout feature of this metaverse is the integrated Chainlink VRF function it uses to ensure fairness in distributing NFT traits across the community. To create NFTs with different traits (like colors and accessories), a secure random number generator (RNG) is needed to prevent cheating.

With Chainlink’s VRF as their RNG solution, the process is much more reliable owing to Chainlink’s trustworthy oracle network, secured through cryptographic proofs. The Chainlink VRF generates a random number and cryptographic proof to ensure the integrity of the process. This is important for PLAY! POP! GO! avatars because they have future utility integrated with physical merchandise and collectibles. With Chainlink VRF, the initial generation of traits is also fair and verifiable, ensuring the integrity of the entire process.

Future Forward Fashion

As of the time of writing, the metaverse project builds in two phases. Firstly, the PLAY! POP! GO! team focuses on building a community of like-minded free-thinkers and creators who believe in the potential of Web3. They aim to showcase how Web2 and Web3 can go hand in hand by bridging high-end fashion, social interaction, and gaming into a centralized ecosystem.

In the next phase, they aim to create a safe and inclusive community for the long-term vision of the brand. They then gamify their storyline and the traditional Web3 roadmap. This also allows users to go through different levels to unlock different experiences that exist both digitally in their mini-map formats and in the virtual ecosystem in “PLAY3 PARK”, a fantasy destination for their holders.

To sum up, “PLAY3 PARK!” is the digital gaming interface of PLAY3, where users can have a narrative and community-driven collector’s experience that seamlessly integrates gaming, entertainment, fashion, and social interaction. The same storytelling and gamified experience can also be experienced in the physical realm through their IRL fashion line, installations, and events.

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