Americana Vaults: A Fusion of Convenience, Security, and Blockchain Authentication

Americana, the vaulting platform backed by OpenSea NFT marketplace launched an innovative phygital vault system for Web3 users. Now, you can store your luxury physical assets in high-qualify vaults, whilst also having a digital replica to enjoy.


  • The Americana vaulting platform allows users to store physical items while also creating digital replicas linked to NFTs for trading and showcasing in the web3 space.
  • The system offers tailor-made plans for each user’s assets, including physical artworks with modern fingerprinting technology for authentication.
  • Users can store a wide range of items, from large vehicles to small stamps, and the platform is gaining popularity among collectors with assets from various brands and artists.
image of the Americana Vault

Americana Vault uses modern technology for a phygital vaulting system to trade and protect physical assets.

What Makes the Americana Vault Different?

The vaulting platform Americana, launched in 2022, is taking the Web3 space by storm. The company’s new vaulting system solves the main problems of banks and physical storage companies.

To begin with, people can store their precious physical items in the Americana vault. Unlike other vaulting methods, though, owners can also trade and show off their vaulted items in the web3 space! Since every physical good is linked to an NFT, people can trade assets without them actually leaving the Americana vaults.

If you’re wondering what you can store there, the possibilities are endless.

“Items can be as large and as heavy as a vehicle, but also as small and as light as a stamp,” CEO Jake Frey said.

screenshots of physical assets stored in the Americana Vault

The platform is already hosting rare collectibles from brands like Gucci, Tom Sachs, and Pokemon.

How Does the New System Work?

Firstly, an Americana Vault consultor tailors the perfect plan based on your assets. The team then creates a digital replica of the product and the authentication contracts required for vaulting and trading.

In fact, physical artworks even benefit from modern fingerprinting technology. Accordingly, this procedure “reads the level of molecules on a specific area of a work like the signature to mark them against each other.”

This concept perfectly illustrates people’s increasing interest in phygital NFTs and their utility. Many collectors are already using the Americana Vault for assets from Gucci & Yuga Labs, Tom Sachs, unopened Pokemon cards, and more.

“It’s time to use blockchain with things that make sense to normal people,” is Frey’s powerful statement.

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