Andrew Wang Web3 Project Devotion: What You Should Know

NFT influencer Andrew Wang and his Cool Cats avatar

Popular NFT influencer, Andrew Wang yesterday, July 12, announced his latest Web3 project, Devotion. Created together with sighduck and Backseats, Devotion is an art studio. Moreover, Wang will be making art for the upcoming Web3 project. Here’s what we know so far about Andrew Wang’s Web3 project, Devotion:

NFT influencer Andrew Wang and his Cool Cats avatar

Andrew Wang will be creating art for his latest project, Devotion. Credit: Andrew Wang

What is Devotion by Andrew Wang?

Yesterday, Andrew Wang took to Twitter to announce his latest Web3 project, Devotion. The project’s official Twitter page describes it as an “episodic project”. It is an “idea factory; art that changes, and art that changes you.”

Commenting on the project, Wang tweeted, “Devotion is an art studio; i will be making art; i will be working with artists, learning from them, experimenting. for me the next frontier of my NFT obsession will require thoughtful and forceful creation.”

Wang added that he and his co-founders are already “overflowing” with ideas. “Devotion is the home where we can make these ideas come alive. the hope is that our episodic projects contribute to the space in meaningful ways.”

To explain, Andrew Wang hopes the project will help improve UX, open-source novel code, and bring together ideas to explore the many possibilities in the NFT space. 

What to expect from Devotion

As of now, Wang has not revealed more details on what precisely Devotion will offer. That said, he mentioned the team has come up with “new ways to play with NFTs”, “written powerful story arcs”, and even “invented stuff”.

Devotion’s official Twitter page, meanwhile, tweeted that the project aims to build a Web3 powered by creativity. For this, it will collaborate with artists aligning with their vision. Furthermore, these artists will have “​​new ways” and “new tools” at their disposal to explore their works. 

All in all, given Andrew Wang’s experience in the Web3 space, it will be interesting to see what Devotion has in store. 

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