The Sandbox, Gemini, Kingsway And Other Web3 VCs Back Metaverse Construction Company LandVault

The leading metaverse development brand LandVault confirmed its latest funding round led by Animoca Brand’s The Sandbox, Softbank, and Kingsway Capital. Over the past two years, the group has innovated metaverse infrastructure with partners such as Heineken, L’Oreal, and Mastercard. LandVault aims to use the funds to continue its Web3 expansion and hubs located across three continents.

image of the LandVault founders

The leading Metaverse development company LandVault completed a new funding round led by Animoca Brands’ The Sandbox.

LandVault’s Funding Round: What Should You Know?

This week, the leading metaverse construction firm LandVault closed a new funding round with iconic Web3 companies. The investors’ list includes The Sandbox (owned by Animoca Brands), HodlCo, Gemini Frontier Fund, and Kingsway Capital.

This comes after LandVault raised a total of $37m, the last round being a $25m Series B in November 2021. At the time, the company mainly used the funds for in-game advertising and developing metaverse infrastructures. Surprisingly, the brand has generated over 100 million digital square feet of new adventures in the Metaverse.

Of course, the company’s client portfolio is equally impressive too. Over the past two years, LandVault has worked with top brands IRL. This includes Hershey’s, Standard Chartered, and Mastercard, to name a few.

As of this month, the brand will use the new funds to strengthen its teams across Asia, Dubai, Europe, and the US. Accordingly, LandVault will also prioritize creating AI-powered tools to improve creators’ metaverse experience.

“Our vision has always been to accelerate the economy of the metaverse, and the latest progress in AI technology is helping us fast-track our roadmap, “ said LandVault’s CEO Sam Huber. “The metaverse needs a ‘WordPress moment’ for anyone to build in the metaverse as easily as building a website, and we are investing heavily in R&D to build these tools.”

digital poster of the LandVault brand backed by Animoca Brands The Sandbox

The Sandbox supports LandVault on its quest to develop AI-powered tools starting this year.

Why Does Animoca Brands’ The Sandbox Support LandVault?

LandVault is the largest metaverse developer to date. Founded in 2017, the company initially helped brands develop and grow games. Today, this team boasts over 300 metaverse projects completed with their team of 120 full-time creators.

Considering these facts, it’s no wonder why an umbrella company such as Animoca Brands wants to support LandVault’s growth. After all, even The Sandbox – one of Animoca Brands’ most successful projects – could benefit from the company’s upcoming AI-powered metaverse tools.

“LandVault has established itself in just a year as one of the most active metaverse builders,” said Sebastien BORGET, COO & Co-Founder of The Sandbox. “We’re pleased to support them further on this journey as they continue to develop their activities and technology to inspire many other creators of the Metaverse.”

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