Animoca Brands Japan and Quidd to Drop “FAIRY TAIL” Digital Collectibles on May 24

Animoca Brands Japan and Quidd to Drop "FAIRY TAIL" Digital Collectibles on May 24

Animoca Brands Japan and Quidd partnered to launch digital collectibles (NFT) inspired by the famous manga named “FAIRY TAIL”. The series has 29 characters which include favorite figures like Natsu, Lucy, and Happy, and can be anticipated as a delightful collection, the release is scheduled for May 24, 2024, at 5PM EST.

Making Art Cards Out of Important Scenes

Under the guidance of FAIRY TAIL author Hiro Mashima, major moments from the series have been immortalized as art cards. These cards are available in various rarities which offer an exclusive and collectible piece of the manga.

Making Art Cards Out of Important Scenes

Animoca Brands Japan was founded in the year 2021 with the primary objective of creating global web3 strategies for Japanese content and intellectual property owners. Its reach includes all publishers, businesses, educational institutions, sports teams, professional athletes, creatives, and video game firms.

Quidd: A Marketplace for Digital Collectibles and NFTs

Animoca Brands’ subsidiary Quidd functions as an NFT marketplace and digital collectible. With partnerships with well-known companies like Disney and the NBA, Quidd supports off-chain and on-chain digital collection on a variety of blockchains.

In order to connect Japanese web3 projects with the global marketplace, Animoca Brands Japan has announced plans to introduce a new NFT platform. With a summer launch date planned, this platform will enable projects and creators to sell their NFTs by offering all-encompassing support for marketing and sales tactics. Publishers, brands, schools, athletes, artists, sports teams, and game firms are among the target audience.

Venturing into Bitcoin with a Thriving Web3 Ecosystem

On April 30, Animoca Brands unveiled its ambitious initiative to integrate with Bitcoin, fostering a vibrant ecosystem encompassing gaming, entertainment, DeFi, education, and culture. Spearheaded by Animoca and metaverse technology platform Darewise, this endeavor will leverage the Opal Protocol and the BLIF token, along with the Opal Protocol Runes token, as foundational elements for this expansive ecosystem.

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