Animoca Brands Japan Announces NFT Launchpad, Opens Applications for Summer 2024

Animoca Brands Japan Announces NFT Launchpad, Opens Applications for Summer 2024

An NFT launchpad will be launched in the summer of 2024 by Animoca Brands Japan, a strategic unit of Animoca Brands. Through using Animoca Brand’s large portfolio and partner network, this effort aims to build a connection between Japan and the worldwide Web3 community.

Web3 Project Invitation: Applications Now Available

Animoca Brands Japan announced on April 12, 2024, that the NFT launchpad application period opened. Web3 projects can seek to be involved, the launchpad official name will be revealed in early May 2024.

In addition to providing opportunities for creators and projects to show off and sell their NFTs, the NFT launchpad will act as a platform. With this initiative, Animoca Brands Japan hopes to offer NFT sales customers to a select number of projects as well as to full assistance for sales strategies and advertising campaigns.

New NFT Platform to Connect Japan to World

With more than 400 investments in Web3 projects under its portfolio, Animoca Brands is a leading global player in the gamification and blockchain space. The organization’s goals are to promote decentralized efforts to create an open metaverse and to advance digital property rights.

New NFT Platform to Connect Japan to World

Animoca Brands Japan is an important strategic subsidiary that helps Japanese intellectual property (IP) and content in the Web3 area spread globally. Also, it uses Animoca Brands’ large user base and portfolio to help foreign Web3 projects looking to enter the Japanese market.

Through the utilization of Animoca Brands’ large network, which consists of over 400 portfolio firms and over 700 million people, Animoca Brands Japan hopes to increase the opportunity for Web3 development and use. Through the partnership, consumers will be able to enjoy a more full and improved experience as Japan’s well-known intellectual property assets are more easily incorporated into the global Web3.

Final Thoughts

Animoca Brands Japan is expected to have an important impact on the direction of Web3 with the debut of the NFT launchpad and ongoing projects. For artists, projects, and users alike, the organization promises a more inclusive and dynamic Web3 ecosystem as it pursues its goals of supporting cooperation and innovation.

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