Animoca Brands-Owned Forj and VIKER Partner For Web3 Mobile Game Tournament

Animoca Brands-Owned Forj & VIKER Partner For Web3 Mobile Game Tournament

Animoca Brands is once again paying the way in Web3, with two of its brands launching a mobile game. Web3 tech company Forj, in collaboration with web3 mobile games platform VIKER, have announced the launch of a unique web3 mobile game tournament. The Solitaire-based competition will use the PolkaPet World digital collectibles franchise. So, let’s take a look at the Form/VIKER tournament!

Animoca Brands-Owned Forj & VIKER Partner For Web3 Mobile Game Tournament

Animoca Brands-Owned Forj & VIKER Partner For Web3 Mobile Game Tournament. Credit Animoca

Forj & VIKER Launch Web3 Mobile Game Tournament with PolkaPet World NFTs

PolkaPet World is an NFT project by Animoca Brands-Owned Forj. Each PolkaPet is embodied as an artistic creation that represents a specific Polkadot project. The tournament is the second collaboration between Forj and VIKER. It allows PolkaPet World digital collectible holders to play alongside each other to win a share of $5,000 of $PETS tokens.

The tournament will begin on April 24th, 2023. Further, it will last for seven days, with many opportunities to win prizes for top scores. In a rare example of true mobile NFT integration for web3 gaming, the Solitaire game will dynamically adapt to reflect ownership of a PolkaPet NFT. This tournament is a unique experience where VIKER and other projects can seamlessly collaborate to bring new users into the web3 ecosystem.

PolkaPet Holders to Earn Double Bitcoin Rewards and Play on VIKER Games Platform

PolkaPet holders will also earn double Bitcoin rewards across VIKER’s portfolio. A portolio of casual mobile games with six new compatible game titles. These titles include: Bitcoin Chess, Sudoku, Balls King, Amazeballs, Wheel of Crypto, and Missing Letters. Holders are able to directly integrate with the platform instead of requiring a VPPP (VIKER PolkaPet Pass). So, holders of an original PolkaPet or special edition ‘Fenix’ pet can begin playing from April 24th, 2023. Additionally, the tournament is accessible via the Viker Solitaire game available on the App Store and Google Play.

Harry Liu, the PolkaPet World team lead, said: “This is a big day for our PolkaPet community, who now have the opportunity to see the PolkaPet IP extend beyond the confines of web3 into more conventional mobile gaming.”

Animoca Brands CEO Comments on Partnership and Gaming Evolution

Animoca CEO Robby Yung said: “This partnership demonstrates not just the collaborative spirit of our Animoca Brands portfolio businesses but the evolution of web3 gaming, where we see web3 IP being implemented in these new and community-focused ways.”

VIKER wants to build the world’s biggest community of blockchain-based gaming using world-famous IP. The team has decades of experience working in some of the biggest, global superpowers of the gaming and entertainment industry. Together, they have established a crack team to be fast-moving, imaginative and efficient. Finally, VIKER’s connected and engaged company culture focuses on skill, creativity, satisfaction, progression, and most importantly, fun.

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