Another Mega Mutant Serum Sold for an Unbelievable 1542 ETH

Mega Mutant Serum Sold for $5 Million USD

BAYC welcomed 2022 with a record-breaking sale after Mega Mutant Serum #69 sold for an unbelievable 1542 ETH or $5,859,000! This OpenSea sale smashes the record for highest sale from any BAYC collection!

To recap, Mega Mutant Serum forms part of the Bored Ape Chemistry Club. Basically, 10,000 Mutant Serum NFTs were airdropped to all Bored Ape NFT owners. The fact that collectors are willing to pay millions for something that others got for free proves that BAYC is on an entirely different level!

The series consists of three tiers, with M1 and M2 Mutant Serums altering the original ape with some of the original features still intact. Meanwhile, Mutant Serums will produce wholly unexpected results. Serums will expire upon use, making them even more coveted in the NFT space.

Mega Mutant Serum #69

Deepak Thapliyal purchased Mega Mutant Serum #69 on OpenSea from BAYC member Cryptobeaker.eth. After the purchase, he tweeted, “For the culture #BAYC #MAYC #Serum69. “Twitter thread coming up soon to break down what’s next!”

The seller, Cryptobeaker.eth, is an OG NFT holder and club member. In fact, he is the 10th largest ape holder with 36 Bored Apes worth at least 4,223.118 ETH or $16,048,000, according to Evaluate Market. He plans to “sweep some floors, build in web3 and party with his friends at the BAYC.”

He told Gazette, “I feel very appreciative of the BAYC community. Glad BAYC has made it as was tough diamond handing through the fud. BAYC just getting started. Pretty bored of irl (in real life) so excited to party with all the apes in the metaverse.”

Currently, Cryptobeaker has six pizza mouth bored apes and mutants, according to Opensea data. So after smashing BAYC records, he plans to add more! He said, “Will be aping around in the discord and the metaverse with BAYC for life. We all know bored unshaven pizza is best trait; will likely corner more pizza apes.”

Mega Mutant Serum Sold for Eye-Watering Price Tags

This isn’t the first that a Mutant Serum pulled in an insane price tag. Ethereum co-founder Taylor Gerring bought an M3 Serum for $3.6 million from a seller who received it for free via airdrop as a reward for being a part of the BAYC community. Then, he made a spectacle out of it by injecting his Bored Ape with a Mutant Serum and streaming it live on Twitch! 

So what’s driving the sale of the Mutant Serums? BAYC had a terrific 2021 and the entire NFT Community witnessed its growth from an NFT Collectible into a global franchise. Between, celebrities aping in, an iOs game and animated series on the way, BAYC is at the peak of its game. In fact, as of press time, its floor price is now 73.5 ETH surpassing OG Collectible CryptoPunks 67.69 ETH!


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