Apparently, Captcha Bot Was Not Hacked: Discord Scams Were Phishing

Captcha Bot in Discord.

It seems that Captcha Bot was not being hacked after all. The team behind the popular Discord bot announced on 1 April that the bot is secure. Additionally, they have emphasized that the bot will not ask for crypto or anything related to NFT.

Captcha Bot in Discord.

Calm down, guys! Your favorite Discord bot is secure. Credit:

Relax, don’t remove that Captcha Bot from your Discord server yet

Rumors of the Captcha Bot’s hack started since Bored Ape Yacht Club confirmed their Discord hack on 1 April. Many confirmed that the exploit took place through Ticket Tool. However, several Twitter users alleged that the attack took place through as well.

On the same day,’s team quickly clarified that the bot is secure and safe to use. Considering that they made the announcement on 1 April, the team emphasized that this is not an April Fools prank. According to the team, some users fell for phishing websites that impersonate the bot’s official web page. On that matter, the team has shared the official link to the bot’s website on their Discord channel.

From the announcement, the team explained that users only need to log in with Discord and nothing else. Besides, users won’t need to drag anything to their bookmark or run any code in the browser to access the bot.

Final thoughts

All things considered, this is a reassuring message for most of us. At the moment, almost every Discord server uses this verification bot. We can’t imagine the disastrous consequences if the bot were to be compromised. All in all, we should always stay safe and remain diligent while treading in the Web 3 space.

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