Arsenal FC Joins the Blockchain With Football NFT Project!

Arsenal FC Joins the Blockchain With Football NFT Project!

Arsenal FC has partnered with next-generation travel company Staynex to launch an exciting new Football NFT blockchain-based project, offering fans unique access to match tickets and luxury accommodations through the Arsenal Journey Pass. The campaign begins on April 7th. Moreover, it is a rare opportunity for supporters to witness their club’s pursuit of its first Premier League title since 2004.

Arsenal FC Joins the Blockchain With Football NFT Project!

Arsenal FC Joins the Blockchain With Football NFT Project!

Arsenal FC Partners with Staynex for NFT Project

A total of 400 NFTs will be available on the BNB Network, divided into two tiers: 340 “Gooner” tier NFTs for general and club-level access to a match and 4-star accommodations, and 60 “Legendary” tier NFTs for box seat access and 5-star accommodations. As so, token holders can select from a choice of four games. Further, successful bidders will receive early adoption benefits and premium access to the Staynex platform, where users can purchase NFT-based vacation packages.

Bernard Lau, CEO at Staynex, also expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership. “Staynex is thrilled to offer football fans NFT-based access to the current Premiership leader. This goes back to our basic principle of offering real value and utility, from hotel stays and real estate to access to leading football clubs.”

Special Giveaway Contest

To mark the Arsenal Journey Pass’s release, Staynex has announced a special giveaway contest exclusively for Arsenal FC fans. As such, Participants have a chance to win a free pass to a home match and a 3-night stay in a hotel. The contest will take place on the Premint platform via a raffle on April 5th. The winner receives the pass through an airdrop on April 7. Pass holders will also gain access to exclusive in-real-life events, NFT giveaways, and more.

Staynex has joined forces with Enjinstarter, a leading Web3 launchpad and advisory company. Thus, together, they’ll manage the high-demand Arsenal Journey Pass NFTs’ secure and seamless launch. Enjinstarter community members will receive exclusive early access to NFTs. Even before they become available to the general public. Furthermore, Staynex will gain exposure across the Enjinstarter ecosystem, including connections with successful seeds and early-stage Web3 investors.

Football NFTs in the World of Professional Soccer

FIFA World Cup 2022 NFTs were introduced to celebrate the tournament in Qatar. It offered football fans a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to attend the prestigious event and enjoy an unparalleled VIP experience. Additionally, the project, called FIFA+ Collect, allowed fans to purchase digital collectible packs (NFTs) and provided a chance to win a VIP trip to Doha. This trip included airfare, luxury accommodation, and tickets to two quarter-final matches! Prices for these packs started at just $4.99.

Built on the Algorand blockchain, FIFA+ Collect was a digital collectible platform. It enabled fans to buy various FIFA NFTs through a ‘packs’ system. The platform attracted more than 200,000 fans who claimed packs following the Genesis and Archive drops. The NFTs allowed holders to collect pieces of football history in blockchain form, trade, swap, and use them for challenges.

Scoring One for the Team with a Football NFT

This collaboration offers fans unique and valuable opportunities. With merchandise and invitations to exclusive events included, there will be o shortage of excitement. Finally, the Arsenal Journey Pass NFTs will provide supporters with an unparalleled chance to get closer to their favorite team.

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