Art Blocks Unveils ‘Human Unreadable’, Pushing the Boundaries of Digital and Physical Art

Art Blocks will launch a new project in partnership with the prize-winning duo, Operator, on May 24th. The release combines coding, blockchain tech, and choreography for a unique generative art experience. Accordingly, the first 100 digital collectibles will become part of a live performance, too, so let’s find out more about it!

image of Operator duo

Art Blocks’ latest collaboration with award-winning duo Operator uses blockchain tech to express the beauty and imperfections of human nature.

What is Operator’s ‘Human Unreadable’ drop?

This month, Art Blocks pushes Web3 art boundaries again with a new installment featuring Operator – a Lumen Prize-winning artist duo. Their launch titled ‘Human Unreadable’ uses generative art tech to showcase the vibrant human spirit.

In essence, the collectibles are created via generative code. However, each artwork includes a choreographic sequence that encapsulates human recovery in three stages:

  • ‘Reveal’ (to launch on May 24th);
  • ‘Decipher’ (Summer 2023);
  • ‘Witness’ (Q4 2023).

Firstly, users will be able to mint a generative art piece starting May 24th. Then, each holder can reveal a choreographic sequence underneath each NFT they mint using the Operator platform starting this summer. The first 100 collectibles to be minted will create a live performance by the end of 2023.

image of an Art Blocks collectible

Each digital asset unveils a choreographic sequence which Operator will eventually use in a live performance.

Why Did Operator Partner With Art Blocks?

Artists Ania Catherine and Dejha Ti founded Operator in 2016 as an experimental art practice. Together, the duo create a bridge between web3 tech and invaluable human imperfection, art, and soul. Their 2021 project ‘I’d Rather Be in a Dark Silence,’ mainly using blockchain technology, won the 2021 Lumen Prize.

Therefore, Operator’s unique approach to coding matches Art Blocks’ desire to innovate generative art. Their project ‘Human Unreadable’ expresses vulnerability, risk, and confusion – all characteristics we humans have in our nature.

“In Human Unreadable, as a metaphor for people hiding in plain sight, we took instances of raw human expression (movement), obfuscated them, and created a process for collectors to uncover the vulnerability buried beneath the work,” said Operator. “We consider this three-act experience the slow recovery of the human. What you don’t immediately see in the visual artwork outputs is the invisible potentiality of performance, inscripted on-chain and able to be brought to life by a dancer at any moment.”


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