Art Meets Animation With Safari Surfers!

collage of many different colourful safari surfers nfts

Get ready to dive into the world of Safari Surfers! Led by Jonas Claesson, an Australian-based visual artist and avid surfer from Sweden, this extraordinary art and music project is a thrilling blend of digital and traditional mediums. Significantly, this innovative project showcases a collection of 12 lively, dynamic characters bursting with playfulness and vibrancy. Ultimately, these characters spring to life through captivating randomized animations and captivating custom music. Let’s take a closer look!

collage of many different colourful safari surfers nfts

Meet the Safari Surfers: Lively, dynamic characters bursting with playfulness and vibrancy

Dive into the World of Safari Surfers!

Prepare to meet the Safari Surfers! A dynamic ensemble of 12 lively and eccentric characters who burst with energy. These captivating figures come alive through electrifying animations and specially curated music, delivering an immersive experience like no other. Markedly, Jonas Claesson, a talented visual artist and passionate surfer, spearheaded the art and music project. Previously, Jonas Clarson partnered with Dream Radio – the production team responsible for composing and licensing music for brands such as Nike, Apple, Google, Beats by Dre, and many more.

Moreover, each Safari Surfer NFT purchase grants you an exclusive opportunity to acquire a physical artwork of the NFT itself. What’s more, this extraordinary offer comes with a huge 80% discount compared to Claesson’s other limited edition prints. Significantly, this ensures that enthusiasts can own a piece of the Safari Surfers collection both in the digital and physical realms.

With Safari Surfers, expect the unexpected. Through the use of randomized animations and custom music, each encounter with these characters promises an exciting surprise.

Unleash the Unexpected: Explore the Thrilling Encounters with Safari Surfers’ Randomized Animations and Custom Music!

The Safari Surfers Collection is only the start of something amazing. Using cutting-edge technology called the NeverEndgine, these artworks can change and adjust, creating a world full of limitless potential. Essentially, this revolutionary algorithm brings a burst of excitement by randomizing the animations and music. So, say goodbye to repetition and embrace a world where each encounter with your Safari Surfer NFT is unique. Imagine fresh backgrounds, animations, and music that respond to the seasons, weather, and even the time of day. Get ready for a mesmerizing journey as your Safari Surfers artworks transform right in front of you, offering an ever-changing artistic experience.

Musically, the NeverEndgine takes creativity to new heights. It enables the addition of fresh elements such as original melodies and vocals, with musical sequences generated in real time by randomly selecting and refreshing audio stems. As such, this means that you can create an infinite number of musical sequences. In the future, art owners will be able to customize tracks in a multitude of ways. In essence, this level of artistic freedom creates thousands of pieces that capture the magic of the ocean and the wonder of animals.

Looking ahead, the Safari Surfers Collection promises to be upgradable and adaptable, offering an ever-evolving experience for art enthusiasts. Furthermore, the ability to modify variables within each artwork means that surprises and delights await at any moment. Imagine new backgrounds, animations, and music that seamlessly synchronize with the changing seasons, weather conditions, and time of day.

image of a yellow alligator holding a surfboard with a logo that says 'safari surfers'

Each Safari Surfer NFT is unique

Jonas Claesson Ignites a Collective Artistic Experience

The Safari Surfers Collection signifies a groundbreaking leap forward in the world of digital and traditional art. Its transformative capabilities and endless possibilities redefine the boundaries of artistic expression. Prepare to be captivated as the Safari Surfers take you on a journey like no other, where art evolves, surprises, and enchants at every turn.

Safari Surfers artist, Jonas Claesson, has dedicated over 20 years to creating vibrant and captivating artwork. His pieces center around the enchanting world of animals. Markedly, his creations embody a simple philosophy that resonates with people from all walks of life: embrace joy and find fulfillment. In his art, Claesson also effortlessly strips away ego and pretense, allowing the essence of pure enjoyment to shine through.

Additionally, the Safari Surfers project thrives on the strong bond and connection with its vibrant community. It is this community that breathes life into the characters and fuels the excitement surrounding the project. In essence, through this strong community connection, Safari Surfers breaks the boundaries of traditional art and becomes a collective experience. Here, art enthusiasts and creators unite to celebrate the boundless creativity and limitless possibilities that the project represents.

For more information, check out the Safari Surfers Twitter Account, and view Safari Surfers on OpenSea.