Asteroid Mining Company Turns To NFTs For Funding

Image of the asteroid mining company exlabs website

The asteroid mining company, Exploration Laboratories LLC, or ExLabs, wants to use NFTs to explore space and mine asteroids. ExLabs aims to use NFTs to fund its speculative space venture. In a bizarre yet remarkable example of how NFTS are changing the world, ExLabs are now setting new boundaries.

Image of the asteroid mining company exlabs website

ExLabs is an asteroid mining company hoping to use NFTs to power their company.

If all goes to plan, these NFTs will help the company in many ways. The funds could mine asteroids in space, discover new riches and support science.

Asteroid mining company to harvest the power of NFTs

Right now, there are no official dates for the mint or how much the NFTs will cost, but more news is coming soon.
The company has huge plans, and the upcoming “Explorers Club” NFT is the first of three.

ExLabs state that it will allow holders to “experience what it would be like for humans to be out in space, off the planet, conducting industry research, and mining riches from space.”

Furthermore, the team at ExLabs has a background in the space industry. This Asteroid mining company team has a team filled with staff who previously worked at NASA and SpaceX.

The NFTs will allow them to scale up their engineering and begin setting realistic targets for the mining. What’s more, holders of these NFTs will get daily rewards in the form of tokens.

Finally, although the Asteroid mining company wants to use NFTs to enter space, it is unclear whether the technology is currently able to do so. Hopefully, in the near future, using the power of NFTs, ExLabs can begin a new industry in space.

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