Azuki Auctions Golden Skateboard NFT For Record-breaking 309 ETH

Azuki Golden Skateboard NFT held by anime character

Azuki NFT collection has hit a new milestone after auctioning eight Golden Skateboard NFTs for record-breaking amounts. While the lowest bid was 200 ETH (about $261,000 at the time), the highest was a staggering 309 ETH (around $404,000). While currently available as digital skateboards, holders can soon redeem them for physical Golden Skateboards. With this, Azuki has set the record for some of the most expensive skateboard sales in history.

So, what are the Azuki Golden Skateboard NFTs? What makes them special? Let’s dive right in!

Azuki Golden Skateboard NFT held by anime character

Azuki broke the record for the eight most expensive skateboards ever sold! Credit: Azuki

What are Azuki Golden Skateboard NFTs?

Before we explore Azuki Golden Skateboard NFTs in detail, you should know about the project’s recent offering: Physical Backed Token (PBT). In essence, this is an open-source token standard that links the ownership of physical assets to their digital versions on Ethereum. 

Compared to typical phygital offerings, the key difference here is that the former usually separates the physical and digital items after minting. With PBT, users can own physical assets to unlock digital benefits and experiences. 

Now, the limited-edition 24K Golden Skateboard NFTs are Azuki’s first PBT implementation. While there are nine skateboards in all, only eight were up for auction on October 21. Notably, each skateboard is “custom-designed, precision-milled, and fully coated in 24K gold. Each board is fully functional and depicts an exquisitely detailed golden dragon – along with one of nine unique emblems from the Azuki universe.” 

What are the utilities of Azuki Golden Skateboard NFTs?

Apart from the obvious—the exquisite design and gold covering—the Azuki Golden Skateboard NFTs offer holder several benefits. Firstly, Azuki has embedded each skateboard with a PBT-based BEAN Chip, a cryptographic chip that connects the physical item to its digital token. 

Secondly, all holders will receive an exclusive Dragon banner display in their collector’s profile. Azuki will also add a Dragon emblem to their profile. In addition, the holders will become a permanent part of the Azuki mythology as they will be enshrined in the Ruins world drop. 

Finally, starting next month, the auction winners can redeem and burn their NFT to receive the physical skateboards. Notably, there is no time limit to redeem the physical skateboard. If and when someone redeems it, a fine art handler will carefully deliver the precious item.

Azuki Golden Skateboard NFT

The golden skateboard features exquisite designs. Credit: Azuki

Auction breaks records

“The Golden Skateboard is a marvel of art & technology showcasing our first implementation of PBT, which paves the way for a new era of storytelling,” Azuki tweeted yesterday. “We broke the record for the most expensive skateboard ever sold (in fact, the 8 most expensive skateboards ever sold).”

“darklady” won the Frog emblem Golden Skateboard for 200 ETH—the lowest bid among the eight. On the other hand, “dingaling” took home the coveted Dragon emblem Golden Skateboard for 309 ETH. The remaining NFTs fetched between 202 ETH and 303 ETH.

In skateboard history, some of the priciest sales include Jamie Thomas’ and Bob Dylan’s skateboard, which fetched $38,425. Similarly, “Beatles’ Blackbird Board”, featuring handwritten lyrics and Paul McCartney’s signature won an auction for $27,116. Azuki broke these records with its Golden Skateboard NFTs, putting it on this week’s top OpenSea collections. 

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