Azuki BEANZ NFT: Explained

The BEANZ NFT collection is the second project in the Azuki Zen Universe. What were once piles of dirt are now bean pods with tiny baby BEANZ popping out. Now, the biggest anime NFT collection is transitioning past their once difficult phase. Founder Zagabond went back to basics. Now, the Azuki NFT Collection is clawing its fame back and their secondary collection Beanz are the cheapest entry point.

Azuki Beanz

Azuki’s anime-themed characters now have cute companions. Credit: @AzukiOfficial

What is the Azuki BEANZ NFT Collection

The BEANZ collection is an icon for the Azuki brand, and a sidekick to the Azuki journey. If you’re wondering if there is something really familiar about the BEANZ, they look EXACTLY like azuki beans! Or red mung beans depending on where you’re from. Who would have guessed that the mysterious beans would at long last turn into … pauses for dramatic effect … beans. The BEANZ collection now has a floor price of 4.75 ETH, with 24.1k ETH trading hands already.

What does the Beanz NFT Collection offer?

Holders of this collection receive access to a holders-only Discord channel. There will also be merch/collectible drops, and more. But ultimately, the OG Azuki holders will always be at the top of the food chain, having the best experiences in the garden.

What are Beanz NFTs?

These little beanz make noises to communicate with each other. They also use gestures and forms of graffiti to express themselves. As of now, all beanz look alike, but the team is signaling something else. Maybe there will be different traits or other discernible differences in the near future. Who knows, the surprises just keep on coming for the Azuki community.

In addition, it seems like the team created these anthropomorphized BEANZ NFTs as a perfect canvas for future collaborations with artists. The possibilities are endless, and the future is bright for the Azuki fam.

Types of Azuki Beanz

The airdrop features two types of BEANZ NFTs. Firstly, there’s Toshi. Remember that spoiled nephew running around your house during Christmas dinner? Yes, that’s basically who Toshi feels like. This red BEANZ does not follow any rules given to him. He makes his own way from the garden to the alley. He does not like to fight, but he will bite if you try to tell him where he can and cannot skate.



Meet Toshi, the rule-breaker. Credit: @AzukiOfficial

And then there’s Gus, or Les. We still don’t know what we are calling the blue BEANZ NFTs. They’re no better than Toshi, constantly getting into trouble. They love to play havoc with Azukis.  So, we’ll probably be seeing a lot of angry Azukis around town soon.


Meet Gus, the cheeky kid. Credit: @AzukiOfficial

The team is signaling that there will be more coming to the Azuki universe. Apparently, there’s more to the NFT collection than cheeky BEANZ scurrying around causing trouble everywhere. What we see now with Azuki BEANZ looks like things are just about to get started. Once again, let the speculation commence.

Chiru Labs x IPX LINE Friends Partnership (2022)

In 2022, Chiru Labs, the Web3 startup behind Azuki NFTs, partnered with IPX, the company behind “Line Friends.” The collaboration aims to bring together Azuki’s Beanz NFT characters and the popular South Korean franchise. The partnership includes various media collaborations, retail distribution, real-life activations, and metaverse experiences. IPX, known for its Line Friends characters, has previously partnered with Starbucks, Netflix, McDonald’s, and BTS.
The collaboration was showcased at NFT NYC, with an animation displayed on a billboard in Times Square. Azuki announces that Beanz holders can obtain limited-time LINE FRIENDS kigu equips by sharing their dressed-up Beanz on Twitter. Line Friends, known for its stores, amusement parks, and collaborations, expands its reach into web3 with this partnership. The Azuki project is considered a top NFT project, with a total volume of over 473,083 ETH and high-selling NFTs. The collaboration connects LINE’s user base with global web3 media and characters.

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