Azuki’s First Digital To Physical Jacket Is Available To Claim For 30 Days

A man wearing an Azuki Twin Tigers Jacket

Back in May this year, the Azuki NFT project airdropped a special token to its holders to redeem physical Azuki Twin Tigers jackets. Now, starting July 19, holders can start redeeming the project’s first digital to physical jacket! To be sure, this is the project’s first foray into the physical high-fashion space, making the drop all the more exciting. Let’s take a closer look at what the Azuki jackets are and how you can redeem them.

A man wearing an Azuki Twin Tigers Jacket

Token holders can now redeem their Azuki jackets.

What are the Azuki digital to physical jackets?

The Azuki Twin Tigers jackets are inspired by the ‘Sukajan’ jackets, a classic style that goes as far back as the 1940s. A combination of American and Japanese street culture, the jackets feature a blue side with a hand chainstitch. They also have a chenille embroidered tiger and embroidered details on the chest and arms.

Notably, these are reversible jackets, with red on the inside. The red side features an Azuki logo embroidered on the chest as well as a white piping detail on the sleeves. Azuki’s in-house tailor, Takeda designed these jackets in Los Angeles. In addition, Azuki artist, Steamboy contributed to the embroidery design. 

Remarkably, all royalties from the secondary sales of the tokens will go to Stand with Asians. This is an AAPI (Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage) community fund that offers grants to underserved AAPI communities.

How will the token redeeming work?

Starting July 19, the Azuki Twin Tigers Jacket token holders will have 30 days to redeem their physical jackets for free. Once they redeem their jacket, their token will flip from blue to red. However, if they do not redeem their jackets within the given time period, their token will remain blue.

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