Bandit Network Integrates Unstoppable Domains Partner API for Web3 Domains

Bandit Network, a leading web3 platform aggregating NFT minting across different blockchains, has announced the integration of Unstoppable Domains’ partner API to make its web3 domains available for purchase on its platform. The move enables Bandit Network users to purchase Unstoppable web3 domains. Domains can be purchased in BONK, SOL, ETH, MATIC, USDT (Ethereum Chain), USDT (Matic Chain) and USDT (SOL Chain).

What’s more? To celebrate the collab, there is also an exclusive 25% discount on available Unstoppable Domains! The limited-time deal begins April 27 up to 2 May 2023.

logos of Bandit and Unstoppable Domains superimposed over the text "Unstoppable Bandits" to signify the collaboration.

Unstoppable Domains x Bandit: All You Need To Know

Unstoppable Domains is a mission-driven company focused on delivering user-owned digital identities to every person on the planet. Their web3 domains provide users with a range of features. These features empower them to take control of their online identities. This also means the ability to build and verify their digital identity. Furthermore, users may log in seamlessly to applications, games and metaverses, and create and host websites that they fully own. These domains are also minted on the blockchain with zero gas fees. Moreover, once a domain is purchased, it belongs to the owner forever, with no renewal fees.

“Integrating with Bandit Network was a natural choice for us,” said Sandy Carter, COO and Head of Business Development at Unstoppable Domains. “Bandit Network’s commitment to building the future of NFTs aligns perfectly with our vision for a web where users have full control over their digital identities.”

Bandit Network‘s integration of the Unstoppable Domains partner API allows users to easily purchase web3 domains on multiple blockchains from a single platform. Furthermore, the integration of Bandit Network’s API on BONK and NFT Evening means that users on these platforms can also access Unstoppable Domains’ web3 domains. As a result, the offer from Unstoppable Domains is now available to users on all three platforms.

More About The Collaboration

“We are thrilled to offer Unstoppable Domains to our users,” said Sandesh Suvarna, Founder at Bandit Network. “Their mission to create user-owned digital identities is a critical part of the decentralized web we’re building, and we’re proud to be working together to make it more accessible to everyone.”

To celebrate the integration, Unstoppable Domains offers an exclusive 25% discount on web3 domain purchases made through the Bandit Network, BONK and NFT Evening platform.

In addition, Bandit Network is giving away 250K $BAD token wrapped NFTs, BONK is giving away 1 Billion $BONK coins, and NFT Evening is offering a 15% discount on all its services. Users who purchase a domain from UD during the promotion time period are eligible to claim 15% discount to NFTEvening advertising services.

In conclusion, with the integration of Unstoppable Domains‘ partner API, Bandit Network is taking another step towards democratizing the NFT market. The partnership also empowers users to create, access, and own NFTs easily and conveniently.