Bang & Olufsen Debut Its First NFT: The DNA Collection

Bang & Olufsen NFT

The high-end electronics company, Bang & Olufsen, will enter Web3 with their first-ever NFT collection: The DNA Collection. In detail, there will be 1,925 digital collectibles that will release on November 17th, 2022. The NFTs will include some of the brand’s most recognized designs. This includes the legendary Beogram 400 turntable, the Beoplay A9 and the Beolab 90 speakers.

Bang & Olufsen NFT

A preview of an NFT from Bang & Olufsen’s DNA collection. Credit: Highsnobiety

The DNA Collection details

B & O collaborated with a distinguished group of Web3 artists to deliver a digital collection that matches the brand’s aesthetic. This includes Hackatao, Thomas Lin Pedersen, Shavonne Wong and the Bang & Olufsen Design Studio.

After the collectors purchase their randomly generated NFTs, they will reveal shortly after the public sale. Later on, the owners will be able to claim an “art vial” which can be merged with the DNA collection NFT. This results in the transformation of their original Bang & Olufsen DNA NFT into a new collectible featuring their collaborating artists. In addition, there will be a third phase of the project, which consists of a “music vial.” This includes a musical update to the original NFT once it is merged with the vial. If you think that’s not enough, there’s more! Owners who’ve merged both vials with their original NFT will receive a metaverse-ready 3D version of their NFT plus token-gated access to purchase a limited edition speaker.

Bang & Olufsen: who are they?

In 1925, two electrical engineers, Peter and Svend reinvented the radio by developing The Eliminator out of their farmhouse in Denmark. Both co-founders loved to innovate, experiment, and develop, which led to the formation of the company’s foundation. In other words, where innovation and quality meet design. Fast forward a century later, and we continue to see these values in full effect.

Svend Olufsen and Peter Bang

Svend Olufsen (left) and Peter Bang (right), 1930 Credit: Bang & Olufsen

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