Basement Dwellers: NFTs Inspired by Gamer Stereotypes and Meme Culture!

Basement Dwellers is a newly launched NFT Collection that perfectly combines NFTs, meme culture and gamer stereotypes. The result? 10,000 Basement Dwellers with over 200+ attributes inspired by gamer stereotypes and meme culture.

The sold-out NFT Collection completed its presale last October 11 and public sale the day after, October 12. To date, the project has pulled in a lifetime volume of 319 ETH or almost $1.2 Million spread across 3400 NFT holders.

Basement Dwellers

If you’ve ever been glued to your seat because of a game then this NFT Collection is for you! Credit: Basement Dwellers

Art, Aesthetics and Narrative

The narrative of the NFT Collection speaks to a very targeted audience. “If you’ve sat down for hours on end grinding out your favorite game while meeting with your friends in voice chat, this is something you will be able to relate to.” So the entire aesthetics is anchored on references ranging from favorite old-school titles to newer, more popular games.

Basement Dwellers NFTs

The art plays around with gamer stereotypes and references, resulting in quirky digital arts. Credit: Basement Dwellers

The project actually makes being a basement dweller cool! The quirky digital art doubles as VIP access to the exclusive members club, granting member-only rewards and events. NFT holders can also stake, level up and upgrade their Basement Dweller to earn ETH prizes. When we talk about NFT upgrades, the Basement Dwellers team looks to implement a staking feature for its NFTs. Users would be able to stake Basement Dwellers to earn “Steroid Injections.” Once they’ve earned enough rewards, they will be able to mint a “Chad” NFT.

Is Basement Dwellers only for Gamers?

Even the roadmap reflects the funny undertones of the project. For example, the first milestone is getting the team out of their mom’s basement. Of course, jokes aside, they plan to reward holders through different community-building initiatives such as airdrops, giveaways, and floor sweeps.

Then, the team will randomly airdrop reserved Basement Dweller NFTs to select NFT holders. If you’re into the project, you should start eyeing these NFTS because they will be extremely rare as a way to reward the community.

Once the project hits 42%, the milestone is to reward real-life gamers. The Basement Dwellers Team will be giving away a total of five (5) custom gaming PCs valued at $3,000 each to five individuals who hold a Basement Dweller in their wallet. Additionally, five lucky winners will receive five consoles of their choice ((PS5 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch).

At 69%, the team plans to roll out its social responsibility campaign by supporting a Charity. They will be donating $40,000 to a charity that supports children in need. The community can participate in the process by selecting the specific organization.

Then, at 85% and 100%, the focus will shift to NFT Upgrades and Liquidity Pool, respectively. Based on the website, the project has a three-part plan in order to create long-term value for holders. The core strategy revolves around creating utility and rewarding holders. Then, the team will be investing a 3% royalty fund to buy back the floors on top of using project funds.

Meet the Team

When you meet the team behind the project, you’ll appreciate the choice of narrative and aesthetics even more. Co-founders Nomanz and Skizzo are gaming enthusiasts and Twitch streamers. Nomanz is an expert in internet marketing and software sales. Putting a number to his credentials, he has sold more than $800,000/year in software products. Meanwhile, Skizzo is a Crypto futures trader, ex Twitch streamer and a professional gamer.

Basement Dwellers Team

Surprise! The gaming-themed Collectible is the brainchild of a gamer core team. Credit: Basement Dwellers

Leya holds the helms on the art side. She helped design the viral Cryptodads NFT project (with ‘floor’ prices currently sitting at 1.1 ETH and more than 8,700 ETH in trading volume). Lastly, Mempool, the strategist behind the project’s launch, was the dev team leader at TheProjectURS, which hit a record-breaking public sale raffle with $33 million deposited from eager buyers.

So far, Basement Dwellers’ very accomplished core team is living up to every promise they’ve made. You can follow the project’s development on Twitter!

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