Beeple Creates Honorary Artwork About Blockchain Detective ZachXBT

Six rats watched by a penguin

Mike Winkelmann, popularly known as Beeple, shared an artwork he created in honour of the famous blockchain detective ZachXBT. Beeple, the creator of the iconic NFT artwork — “Everydays: The First 5000 Days “, posted an artwork on Twitter today to commend ZachXBT’s efforts. And interestingly, he captioned the artwork with “NO PLACE TO HIDE”. What could Beeple have meant by that?

Beeple Artwork of Six rats watched by a penguin

What does Beeple’s artwork in honour of ZachXBT mean? Credit: @beeple on Twitter

What Does Beeple’s Artwork In Honour of ZachXBT Mean?

Earlier today, top crypto artist Beeple shared an artwork which signals that the “bad guys” have nowhere to hide from ZachXBT. After all, ZachXBT is the self-proclaimed on-chain sleuth who investigates fraud and reports on the bad guys in the blockchain space. 

Therefore “NO PLACE TO HIDE” may refer to ZachXBT catching the fraudsters or exposing the so-called “rats”. In fact, looking closely at Beeple’s artwork, the message seems quite clear.

To summarise, Beeple’s artwork is an image of some rats watched by a penguin, and take a wild guess — the pfp of ZachXBT on Twitter is a Penguin. Meaning, that ZachXBT will find out the dealings of the bad guys, and in the end, they have no place to hide. For instance, ZachXBT exposed an NFT scam ring that stole $3.9M.

To show his support, ZachXBT retweeted the artwork and commented, “Wow, this came very unexpected!”.


ZachXBT’s pfp on Twitter is a penguin

About Beeple — The Top Digital And NFT Artist

In May 2022, NFT Evening had an interview with the prestigious Mike Winkelmann, Beeple. As an artist, Beeple created daily for 13 years before his big hit. 

Today, Beeple is a record-breaking NFT artist who sold $69 million worth of NFT collection at Christie’s. Beeple made headlines for months due to his big sale. It was a massive feat, showing he had put years of hard work into his art.

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