Beeple is Building a Real Life Studio In Charleston

image of a warehouse, that Beeple is turning into studios.

Beeple, one of the most influential figures in the NFT art industry – is building a real-life studio for the entire digital art and NFT community. The massive warehouse space is in Charleston, South Carolina, USA. It is undergoing a revamp to get the space ready for the community to use. Last week, Beeple announced the new initiative and a video showing the renovations.

image of a warehouse, that Beeple is turning into studios.

Beeple is creating a giant studio space in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

Beeple is giving back with studio announcement

The NFT boom has introduced some brilliant digital artists to the world. One of these is the digital artist, graphic designer, and animator Mike Winkelmann, known worldwide as Beeple. Not only has Beeple established himself in the NFT space he has also gained immense recognition in the traditional art world. 

Until October 2020, his art had never sold for more than $100. However, just months later, in March 2021, he sold an NFT collage – Everydays: The First 5000 Days – for a breathtaking $69 million at a Christie’s auction. This made headline news worldwide and helped introduce the term NFT into the mainstream. 

Now, one of the world’s most valuable living artists, Beeple, wants to give back to the NFT community. He will do this by launching an NFT-focused studio.

The studio is just part one of the project! 
In a tweet announcing the studio, Beeple said, “very excited to show the first sneak peek at just one part of our studio here in Charleston. This will be an outlet for my artwork and the entire digital art / NFT community.”

Finally, Beeple also dropped some major hints about the second part of the amazing Beeple Studios project. The famous NFT artist said that news will follow shortly and that s••t is gonna get REAL…”

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