Beeple Will Create Chapter 2 for Nakamigos

Yesterday, Beeple promised to create the second chapter for the Nakamigos NFT project. However, there is a catch – the community must raise the collection’s floor price to 1 ETH. This announcement sparked controversy in the NFT community, now questioning Beeple’s true intentions.

image of NFT creator Beeple

Beeple put a spotlight on the Nakamigos NFT collection by asking his community to raise the project’s floor price. Credits: Medium

Why Does Beeple Want to Create a New Chapter for The Nakamigos Saga?

Shortly after their record-breaking NFT debut, Nakamigos makes headlines again – this time thanks to Beeple. The top-selling NFT artist tweeted the Nakamigo’s OpenSea page along with a simple message. If the community could raise the collection’s floor price to 1 ETH, Beeple would do the saga’s second chapter. He also clarified that he’s not involved in the project in any way.

Despite his statements, Beeple’s tweet raised eyebrows among his followers. Some believed he might gain something directly from promoting Nakamigos. Others believed Beeple might be the mysterious NFT artist behind the project. The artist soon denied all of these claims.

“Just to be even more clear, I don’t even KNOW anyone who owns these, so I’m not trying to pump my friend’s bags either,” he tweeted. “So why did I do this? As you probably gathered by now, I am personally not REMOTELY a degen myself. I invest in ‘boring stuff’ I believe in the long term and then sit on it for years. But sometimes, I like to live vicariously off of your crazy degen energy.”

digital poster of the Nakamigos NFT collection

Nakamigos is the latest PFP NFT collection to take the Web3 world by storm.

What is Nakamigos?

In essence, Nakamigos is a collection of 20,000 avatar-style NFTs. The collection launched on March 23rd via public mint and sold out like hotcakes! These digital avatars amassed more lifetime trades than Bored Ape Yacht Club in just four days!

In terms of design, the collectibles resemble CryptoPunk’s pixelated artwork. Meanwhile, the project’s name comes from Satoshi Nakamoto – the renowned founder of Bitcoin. However, nobody knows who is behind Nakamigos, which is exactly why some believe Beeple was involved too. In this case, only time will reveal the truth about Nakamigos’ founders!

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