Big Mac NFT to release via fast food giants, McDonalds.

McDonald's Big Mac NFT

McDonald’s China is set to celebrate the company’s 31st Anniversary of the Chinese market with 188 Big Mac NFTs. The NFT will be animated and inspired by the design of its new Shanghai offices. They’ll be gifted to certain employees and customers.

McDonald's Big Mac NFT

A look at the Big Mac NFT created by McDonald’s China to celebrate their 31st anniversary. Credit: McDonald’s China

Big Mac NFT

McDonald’s have released their first form of Big Mac NFTs. It’s called the ‘Big Mac Rubik’s Cube’. 188 NFTs will be released and they will be available exclusively to certain employees and customers. “Big Mac Cube” is a three-dimensional dynamic digital creative work inspired by the brand spirit of McDonald’s. It is the shape of the new headquarters building. This building was officially opened yesterday and is located on the West Bank of Shanghai.

Zhang Jiayin, CEO of McDonald’s China, said: “McDonald’s is a young and trendy brand that has always paid attention to fashion trends and cutting-edge technology. I am very happy that McDonald’s has become the first domestic restaurant brand to release an NFT.”

The Future of Fast Food NFTs

Certainly, fast food could be the next industry to be big on NFTs. Major companies like Taco Bell, Burger King and Budweiser have previously released NFTs. Additionally, McDonald’s El Salvador became the first major fast-food place in the world to accept Bitcoin as a payment option. In El Salvador, Bitcoin is now legal tender.

Particularly, Budweiser has been extremely bullish on NFTs. They have collaborated with VaynerNFT, GaryVee’s NFT consultancy to get involved in the space. Since this partnership, Budweiser purchased a .eth domain name for 30 ETH ($120,000 at the time). Additionally, they also purchased more ‘fan-made NFTs.

Unquestionably, in the future, we hope to see McDonald’s release more NFTs outwith these Big Mac NFTs to a wider audience. There is so much potential with the kind of audience McDonald’s have. According to their website, they serve 3.5 million people daily in the UK alone. This is just over 5% of the country. We should hopefully see something big coming soon in other countries as they’ve already started off in China.

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