Bitski’s New Wallet is the Ultimate NFT Management Tool

The new Bitski wallet is the ‘web3 wallet for everyone’, raising the standards for what’s possible with the tool. The Bitski wallet is a mobile application and browser extension wallet making waves in the industry with its latest updates. These include easy wallet import, real-time transaction tracking and simulation, dApp browser access, and more!

Bitski Wallet: A Short Guide

Say goodbye to confusing seed phrases and wallets with no security. The new and improved Bitski wallet is a revolutionary way to manage your digital assets. It places non-crypto and experienced crypto users at the center of the design process. By doing so, the result is a wallet that is secure, accessible, and intuitive across mobile and desktop, even for new web3 users.

We believe that wallets will be the most important consumer application over the next 20 years – rivaling email-level distribution. With our launch today, users can begin their journey traversing decentralized applications while giving them peace of mind that their assets are safe.” says Bitski CEO and co-founder Donnie Dinch.

a picture showing the Bitski wallet features.

Latest Features and Updates

Wallets are our passports to various digital cultures and communities, but most wallets out there are a maze to navigate. Seed phrases, on-chain activity, toggling between mobile and desktop wallets can all be a bit overwhelming. Bitski takes a new direction to improve their wallet design and experience so that it’s easy to use and makes exploring web3 fun! Here are the standout features for Bitski Wallet:

  • Security: User data is stored in an ultra-secure Bitski Vault backed by hardware-security modules.
  • Self-Custody Support: Bitski encourages users to “bring their own keys” to transact and view their digital assets at their convenience.
  • Bitski Safe Transactions: The new transaction simulation feature in Bitski’s Mobile and Browser Extension Wallet informs users of what’s happening before they hit send. This feature enhances user safety and security by identifying malicious contracts and retrieving verified OpenSea collection information into the signing screen.
  • Cross-platform Support: The Bitski Mobile and Browser Extension Wallet offers easy wallet connection on-the-go with mobile or via desktop, making digital identity and holdings more accessible to users from anywhere.
  • Wallet Activity Feed: Bitski allows users to view on-chain transactions and history with user-friendly features. This allows users to easily view and understand their previous transactions.
  • Wallet Activity Alerts: Users receive notifications for on and off-chain activity. The wallet also allows users to stay informed when significant events occur. Push notifications are also sent to user devices. These notify users of any balance change, NFT sale, or NFT floor price alteration.
  • Floor Price Alerts: The wallet also allows users to set customized alerts for their favorite NFT collections.
  • Decentralized App Browser: Users bring the world of web3 into their wallet by utilizing the dApp browser to connect with leading dApps across the globe. This enables them to trade NFTs, swap token holdings, or stake their holdings, all from the comfort of their wallet.
  • NFT Management: Bitski wallet also allows users to easily view all their NFTs and tokens in the wallet.

Access the new Bitski wallet from their official website and start your web3 journey knowing your assets are both safe and secure!

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